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Director : Gregor Jordan

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Plot : A mental thriller centered near to a black-ops interrogator in addition to an FBI originator who twist a get a whiff of terrorist into divulging the locality of three nuclear weapons compilation to go off inside the U.S.

Plot Summary : A transform to Islam transports the U.S. government a tape making an appearance him inside three nondescript storage rooms, each of which would fit a nuclear bomb group to burst inside below a week. Helen Brody, an FBI originator inside L.A., is tasked in addition to spotting the bombs bit a CIA "consultant," discerned for H, interrogates the get a whiff of who has let himself to troth caught. The suspect, whose helpmate furthermore youth go through departed him furthermore disappeared, looks to familiar with just whatever the interrogative will entail. Even for H ratchets conscious the pressure, by means of torture far more than Brody's objection, the get a whiff of doesn't crack. Should H do the unthinkable, furthermore will Brody acquiesce? Is any Constitutional purpose expenditure feasible passing away of life?

After suspecting Henry Humphries of someone a terrorist, FBI Agent Helen Brody along with others delight in the Counter-Terrorism Unit verify that he is in contact as well as CIA, along with they must job in conjunction with him to interrogate a suspect, Steven Arthur Younger, who has evidently set three nuclear bombs inside three U.S. cities that will detonate on Friday October 21st. After usual inquisitive along with torture fail, Henry resorts to strange means, a lot of to Helen's chagrin. A battered along with bloodied Steven plights that he will simply prove the places of these bombs behind the President types a public mind that there will engagement no still monetary along with defense force succor of puppet regimes along with dictators inside any Islamic nation; along with the conclude lot U.S. forces must go out delight in the conclude lot Islamic nations. Will the U.S. engagement keen to adjust it's centuries-old 'Foreign Policy' inside request to unless the lives of lots of its' citizens or will Henry have to be compelled to do the unthinkable inside request to find this get a whiff of to prove the literal zone of these bombs?

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