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Director : David Carson

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , Wesley Snipes as Dean Cage , Jacqueline Obradors as Det. Amy Knight , Stuart Wilson as Sullivan , Kim Coates as Peterson , Mark Sheppard as Leitch , Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Agent Junod , Vincent Riotta as Det. Jay Miller , David Schofield as Dr. Collins , Nicholas Aaron as McNab , Kim Thomson as Agent Kennedy , Jo Stone-Fewings as Agent Gabriel , Cristian Solimeno as Scott Knight , Gary Oliver as Sullivan's Driver , Raicho Vasilev as St. Nevis Guard 1 , David Fleeshman as St. Nevis Guard 2 , Luke Jordan as Jack , Lauren Buglioli as Holly , Leroy Golding as Ralph , Andrew Dolan as O'Reilly , Velizar Binev as The buyer , Assen Blatechki as Sniper , Krasimir Kutzoparov as Commando , Andrew Pleavin as Cherney , Sam Douglas as Vietnam Veteran , John Chancer as Counsellor , George Innes as Korean War veteran , Kate Healy as Woman with baby , Tarri Markell as Maggie (as Tarri Markel) , Petya Silyanova as Middle aged woman , Bud Davis as Fuel truck driver , Dimiter as Truck driver 2 , Emil Tsolov as Helicopter pilot , George Karlukovski as St. Nevis Guard 3 , Shelly Varod as Female prisoner , Bombata as Ambulance driver rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Luke Jordan as Jack

Plot : The deranged defense force furthermore earlier CIA origin Dean Cage is inside a rehab program, struggling to omit the taxing passing away of his supporter Scott inside Bosnia… See more » |

Plot Summary : The deranged soldiers furthermore previous CIA origin Dean Cage is inside a rehab program, struggling to disregard the taxing kicking of the bucket of his relief Scott inside Bosnia. When he blind dates along furthermore his girl-friend furthermore Scott's sister, Detective Amy Knight, inside a dinning restaurant, he is mistakenly allowed because individual the CIA origin that is studying the robbery of the soldiers research EX by a lady dropped a queue to Sullivan. He is injected along furthermore the dose furthermore abducted by the thieves. Amy has six hours to estimate the additionally stolen prescription furthermore until Dean's life.

Dean Cage is a earlier soldier, Dean is attending a rehab diary as he is traumatized far more than the passing away of his fiancée observe spy Amy Knight's buddy Scott who was his ally who was slaughter inside Bosnia. At a diner because he is blockage for the motive that Amy, Dean is injected plus a cure plus is kidnapped by rat CIA origin Sullivan plus his evil associates who mistakenly thinks Dean is a CIA origin studying the theft of a defense force experiment. But the cure they've injected Dean with, is attaining him hallucinate plus it allows Sullivan plus his associates to interrogate Dean plus Sullivan plus his associates designs to trade compilations of the drugs. When Dean escapes plus plus Sullivan plus his associates inside pursuit, Dean sorts out to hold a drug sooner than the cure kills him inside 6 hours.

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