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Director : Len Wiseman

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Thriller

Cast : , Kate Beckinsale as Lori, Jessica Biel as Melina, Bryan Cranston as Vilos Cohaagen, Colin Farrell as Doug Quaid / Hauser, Bill Nighy as Kuato, Ethan Hawke, John Cho as McClane, Bokeem Woodbine as Harry, Will Yun Lee as Marek, Steve Byers as Henry Reed, Currie Graham as Bergen, Jesse Bond as Lead Federal Police, Brooks Darnell as Stevens, Miranda Jade as Girlfriend, Michael Therriault as Anderson, Joe Vercillo as Synth , Gregoire Akcelrod as Businessman (uncredited), Mark Baldesarra as Synth (uncredited), Milton Barnes as Marcus / Resistance Fighter (uncredited), Lisa Chandler as Prostitute (uncredited), Dan Cristofori as Resistance Soldier #10 (uncredited), Stephen Diego as New Asia Commuter (uncredited), Mika Emme as Lady in Hovercraft – Member of United Federation of Britain (uncredited), Tazito Garcia as Police Squad Sergeant (uncredited), Dexter Howe as New Asia Passerby (uncredited), Phi Huynh as Street Vendor / Passerby (uncredited), Adrian Jaworski as Street Vendor (uncredited), Tony Kelly as Businessman (uncredited), Camille Kennedy as Commuter / Recall Lounge and Bar Patron (uncredited), Johnny Larocque as Euromerican (uncredited), Ryan Le Bar as Federal Officer (uncredited), Wing Lee as New Asia Raver (uncredited), Stephen MacDonald as Slacker (uncredited), Kane Mahon as UFB #1 (uncredited), Justin Major as Federal Police Officer (uncredited), Mishael Morgan as Recall Receptionist (uncredited), Shane Pollard as Resistance Fighter (uncredited), Morgane Slemp as Agent (uncredited), Dylan Smith as Hammond (uncredited), Marc Andrew Smith as Robot (uncredited), Kaitlyn Wong as Seductive Woman (uncredited)

Plot : As the geographical region shapes Euromerica as anyways as New Shanghai vie for the purpose that supremacy, a factory recruit (Farrell) begins to sense that he's a spy, even though he is oblivious which adjoining of the dispute he's on. |

Plot Summary :

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