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Director : Jake Reedy

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Cast : , Tana Smith as Ethan, Sarah Dinsey as Bartender, Joey Kingman as Cassie, Shaun Trainer as (voice), Michael Browning as Scruffy Guy, Whitney Duff as Sasha, Adam Munn as Marco, Benjamin James Doolan as Jesse, Matt Spann as D.J., Daniel Edward Bartkowski as Drunk guy, Natasha Marozza as Bathroom Girl

Plot : Ethan is a teen grown-up looking for the motive that meaning inside existence along with he thinks he has rated whatsoever he is searching for the motive that inside the brand new girl, Sasha. But Sasha has a gloomy closest that will engagement his undoing.

Plot Summary : Ethan along with his half cousin Jesse are all the time locking horns inside their love/hate relationship as well as each other. Jesse the businessman has trivial long period of time as his younger brothers artistic longings. Ethan wallows inside his each other disappointment at times, backed up by what on earth operate his more experienced cousin throws his way. Ethan is looking as something deeper, he has a fantasy of detecting right intimacy consequently once the strange Sasha comes to town he is at once enamored. Ethan's past love lady friend Cassie watches, moreover inside intimacy as well as Ethan she resents the contest along with endeavors her greatest to prevail him back. Despite her greatest efforts it be switched over into apparent to her that she is nil more encourage best. Sasha inside the period in-between has happen on unsleeping as well as Ethan's more experienced cousin Jesse, along with is blissfully fiddling both brothers. Jesse is also conscious of anything he is doing excluding grossly underestimates his younger brothers outlook as the engaging stranger. Eventually Cassie, bored stiff as well as the predicament confronts Ethan. Their bawl turns physical since he chases behind her solitary to witness her gush gulp along with wiped out on the street. Ethan threadbare by sadness along with rage at that time spark on a murderous rampage, searching for vengeance as himself along with the lone individual that actually admired him…Cassie

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