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Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Cory Jacob as Andy The Arsonist other cast: , Sophie Dee as Blood Girl (segment "Cannibal Blood Girl"), Veronica Ricci as Krystal (segment "Cannibal Blood Girl"), Shawn C. Phillips as Kid at Fair / Monster (segment "Lust For Blood"), M. Kelley as Wood Dancer (segment "Lust For Blood"), James Cullen Bressack as Hammer Victim, Brian Dorton as Paul (segment "Doll Parts"), Douglas Conner as Carl (segment "Doll Parts"), Kevin E. Scott as Paul (segment "Cannibal Blood Girl"), Brian Redban as Dirk (segment "Cannibal Blood Girl"), Jon Bloch as Jack (segment "Speak Easy"), Ivy Pemberton as Candy (segment "Cannibal Blood Girl"), Dustin Ferguson as Jacob (segment "Doll Parts"), Ethan Phillips as Son / Swing victim (segment "Lust For Blood"), Doug Waugh as Mack (segment "Cannibal Blood Girl"), Leah Conner as Abernathy's Friend (segment "Doll Parts"), Stephen Phillips as Father (segment "Lust For Blood"), Don Scheer as Bar Patron #2 (segment "Doll Parts"), Kim Phillips as Fortune Teller (segment "Lust For Blood"), Heather Rae as Sarah (segment "Doll Parts"), Angie Keeling as Rebecca (segment "Doll Parts"), Kevin Harris as Male Shower Victim (segment "Lust For Blood"), Quinn Miller as Jake (segment "Bad Dennis"), Joy Miller as Tabitha (segment "Bad Dennis"), Lorianne Lawson as Abernathy (segment "Doll Parts"), Alison Hall as Shop Witch (segment "Bad Dennis"), Sharon Scheer as Bar Patron #1 (segment "Doll Parts"), Katlynn Keeling as Hannah (segment "Doll Parts"), Stephanie Lyles as Skye (segment "Doll Parts"), Bryan Holder as Bad Dennis (segment "Bad Dennis"), Diana Allguirer as Erica (segment "Doll Parts"), Nino Borzoni as Jack (segment "Bad Dennis"), JD Fairman as Alex (segment "Speak Easy"), Sasha Morgan as Tracy (segment "Bad Dennis"), Caitlin Craven as Female Shower Victim (segment "Lust For Blood"), Brian Travis as Curtis (segment "Doll Parts"), Laura Mercer as Amanda (segment "Doll Parts"), S. Kelley as Woman on the Computer (segment "Lust For Blood"), Austin Kitterman as Teen Travis (segment "Doll Parts"), Sean Kasky as Travis (segment "Doll Parts")

Plot : Andy the Arsonist welcomes each person to his theater of derange as a bananas hour of darkness of thrills, chills as at any rate as spills. Andy kick's off the hour of darkness by hosting five shortest fear films bask in assorted of the most excellent Horror Writer/Directors inside the indie scene. |

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