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Director : Alexander Williams

Release Date :

Genre : Horror

Cast : , Simon Phillips as Robert Edwards , Marc Pickering as Craig , Grace Vallorani as Maria , Martin Fisher as Dr. William Anderson , Peter Barrett as Ray , Krzysztof Skonieczny as John , Rita Ramnani as Sophie , Mark Harris as Charlie , Patrick O'Connor as Mike Phillips , Charlotte Lewis as Christina other cast: , Chris Knight as Patient, Lee Nicholas Harris as Police Officer, Rodrig Andrisan as Doctor Reegan, Kris Sommerville as Police Officer, Scott Fox Dear as Dark Figure, Kyla Dervish as Maya

Plot : We were warned inside an getting on Mayan prediction that the 21st December 2012 may perhaps troth the starting up of the end, save for not how also where this novel age may perhaps opens up itself. Until now.

Plot Summary : In December 2011 an unusual futuristic-looking artifact was opened inside an uncharted Mayan temple inside Mexico – remark of the artifact opened binary coded facts which seemed to be encoded footage. The contented was unlocked by students at Chicago claim university in addition to seemed to be quite a lot of hours of movie footage denoting the whole of the world… stretch stamped inside the occuring future. Investigation of those featured inside the footage constructed quite a lot of names in addition to the authorities confirmed to interview those mixed up regarding the legitimacy of the footage. But everything of the persons featured inside this footage tolerate disappeared…

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