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Director : Steven Spielberg

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete) , Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski , Catherine Zeta-Jones as Amelia Warren , Stanley Tucci as Frank Dixon , Chi McBride as Mulroy , Diego Luna as Enrique Cruz , Barry Shabaka Henley as Thurman , Kumar Pallana as Gupta Rajan , Zoe Saldana as Dolores Torres (as Zoë Saldana) , Eddie Jones as Salchak , Jude Ciccolella as Karl Iverson , Corey Reynolds as Waylin , Guillermo Díaz as Bobby Alima (as Guillermo Diaz) , Rini Bell as Nadia , Stephen Mendel as First Class Steward , Valeri Nikolayev as Milodragovich (as Valera Nikolaev) , Michael Nouri as Max , Ana Maria Quintana as Government Inspector , Bob Morrisey as Government Inspector , Sasha Spielberg as Lucy , Susan Slome as Woman with Cart , Mik Scriba as Transportation Liaison , Jim Ishida as Yoshinoya Manager (as James Ishida) , Carlease Burke as Brookstone Manager , Stephon Fuller as Swatch Manager , Dan Finnerty as Discovery Store Manager , Anastasia Basil as La Perla Employee Julie , Lydia Blanco as Burger King Employee , Joseph Davis as Burger King Employee , Tonya Ivey as Godiva Employee , Kevin Mukherji as Soundworks Dave , John Eddins as CBP Officer , Kenneth Choi as CBP Officer , Cas Anvar as CBP Officer , Conrad Pla as CBP Officer , Danette Mackay as CBP Officer , Ian Finlay as CBP Officer , Janique Kearns as CBP Officer , Eddie Santiago as Man on Phone , Kevin Ryder as Businessman , Dusan Dukic as Young Drug Trafficker , Mark Ivanir as Cab Driver Goran , Matt Holland as Ramada Inn Clerk , Benny Golson as Himself , Buster Williams as Bass , Mike Ledonne as Piano , Carl Allen as Drums , Scott Adsit as Cab Driver , Robert Covarrubias as Janitor , Terry Haig as CBP Inspector , Jeff Michael as Anchor , Dilva Henry as Anchor , Michelle Arthur as Field Reporter , Thinh Truong Nguyen as Passenger (as Thinh Truong) , Sandrine Kwan as Passenger , Carl Alacchi as Passenger , Tanya van Blokland as Passenger , Evelyne de la Chenelière as Passenger , Laurie Meghan Phelps as Homeland Security Officer rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Hayati Akbas as Turkish Man (uncredited), William Alva as Chess Player (uncredited), Cass Asher as Ticket Counter Passenger (uncredited), Claudia Barroso as Passenger (uncredited), Alex E. Burns as Security Guard (uncredited), Dan Chase as Verizon Wireless Employee (uncredited), Guistina Chirco as Custom Boarder Patrol (uncredited), Christine Chow as School girl (uncredited), Jennifer Chu as Chinese Interpreter (uncredited), Chad R. Davis as Dad (uncredited), Michael Eliopoulos as Bulgarian Emigrant (uncredited), Susan Engel as Stewardess (uncredited), Hondo Flemming as African Tourist (uncredited), Marston Fobbs as Young Passenger in Camouflage Coat (uncredited), Riad Galayini as Chef (uncredited), Jerald Garner as Food Court Patron (uncredited), Charley Gilleran as CBP Officer (uncredited), Justin Rodgers Hall as Haitian Passenger (uncredited), Mohammed Hassan as Middle Eastern Airport Passenger (uncredited), Amber Havens as Flight Attendant (uncredited), Ksenia Jarova as Russian Student #2 (uncredited), Barry Julien as Co-Pilot (uncredited), Boyd Kelly as Pilot (uncredited), Svilena Kidess as (voice) (uncredited), Kurt Larson as Young Marine (uncredited), Kamal Marayati as Arab Man (uncredited), Zuzana Monroe as Flight Attendant (uncredited), Joram Moreka as Swahili Interpreter (uncredited), Ismael Moreno as Harry and David Gourmet Foods Employee #1 (uncredited), Toyin Moses as Passanger (uncredited), Martha Neavill as Swahili Mom (uncredited), Benjamin Ochieng as African Man with Wife and Child (uncredited), Alyshia Ochse as Homecoming Queen (uncredited), Rachel Oliva as Passenger (uncredited), Nick Puga as Cuban Man #2 (uncredited), Kingslee Purcell as Nathan's Hot Dog Manager (uncredited), Tulsi Ram as Voices (voice) (uncredited), Nicole Rayburn as Swatch Employee (uncredited), Mel Rodriguez as Man in Cast (uncredited), Rhea Roma as Card Playing Traveler (uncredited), Tony Sagastizado I as Salvadorian (uncredited), Ani Sava as Arab Woman (uncredited), Mikael Sharafyan as Traveler (uncredited), Kent Shocknek as Newscaster (uncredited), Aleksandr Sountsov as Traveler (uncredited), Ryan Stockstad as Brookstone Employee (uncredited), Tony Swift as Airline passenger (uncredited), Bogdan Szumilas as Emigrant (uncredited), Scott Alan Taylor as Bar Patron (uncredited), Holly Traister as Nun (uncredited), Fred Vidal as Passenger (uncredited), Edward F. Villaume as Businessman / Passenger (uncredited), Ken Weiner as Foreign Traveler (uncredited), Cynthia Wilber as Amelia's Friend (uncredited), Tamir Yardenne as Chef (uncredited)

Plot : An eastern immigrant finds himself stranded inside JFK airport, furthermore must seize wide awake provisional apartment house there.

Plot Summary : Viktor Navorski, a someone of porno age delight in an Eastern European realm arrives inside New York. However succeeding he vanished his realm drive broke out. Suddenly Navorski is a someone of porno age without a realm – or solitary that the U.S. cannot recognize, therefore he is denied advent to the U.S. However, he furthermore can't engagement deported thus he is notified by the Security Manager that he has to remain inside the airport awaiting his status would engagement fixed. And furthermore Navorski doesn't converse English highly well, thus he cannot discuss with or decipher anyone. But he by hook or by crook adapts plus sorts wide awake apartment house inside the airport, which orders the mature person who to be found him there unhappy, because it appears he is inside row because a crusade then again Navroski's presence may perhaps complicate that. So he endeavors to get house of Navorski to quit then again Navorski remains where he is. Navorski orders friends in addition to miscelanneous of the persons who activity inside the airport plus is concerned to a flight attendant he play into every time she comes in.

An Eastern European sightseer becomes a resident of a New York airport catastrophic as a drive breaks out along with erases his nation-state delight in the map, voiding his passport. He categories friends and the airport personnel along with falls inside intimacy and a flight attendant.

Former Krakozhian Viktor Navorski is just about inside New York City for the grounds that the primarily span inside his life. "Former" as anyhow as "almost"?: spilt second Viktor is flying to JFK Airport, Krakozhia has been overthrown because a countryside as well as no geographical region recognizing the spanking new regime, so the entirety government papers such because passports, visas as anyhow as hard cash presented by Krakozhia are still not detected internationally. With simply these papers inside hand whilst Viktor arrives at JFK, he is not admitted back way into the United States. All air provision inside as anyhow as out of Krakozhia has been immersed as anyhow as thence Viktor cannot yet troth sent work with pending Krakozhia's state is resolved. Frank Dixon, Director of Customs as anyhow as Border Protection at JFK, allows Viktor to stay inside the international lounge pending the crisis is resolved. Dixon contributes Viktor satisfactory meal vouchers to final for the grounds that each day or two, as well as Dixon waiting for Viktor to secretly break out the lounge into the outside world. Viktor, however, wishes to troth because suitable because probable as anyhow as decides to stay inside the lounge. Viktor poses a tangle for the grounds that Dixon, because Viktor may perhaps troth the black feature inside his cause to variety of the department. Their relationship becomes an opposed one, where Dixon will at present do what on earth he may perhaps to block Viktor savours still getting there the countryside although he still finished discover the heartrending grounds for the grounds that Viktor's visit. As Viktor stays inside the lounge, he simply has restricted capital on which to live as anyhow as a restricted comprehension of the English language. Viktor's encounters as well as lounge recruits is still originally antagonistic, nevertheless they the entirety discover to live inside unanimity as anyhow as friendship because Viktor's stay increases. The single personality Viktor may perhaps adore to meet up as anyhow as understand is United Airlines flight attendant Amelia Warren, who is inside transit ready JFK every few weeks as anyhow as who looks to troth addressing her own intimate demons.

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