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Director : Srdjan Dragojevic

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : (in credits order) , Nikola Kojo as Limun , Milos Samolov as Radmilo , Hristina Popovic as Biserka , Goran Jevtic as Mirko , Goran Navojec as Roko , Dejan Acimovic as Halil , Toni Mihajlovski as Azem , Natasa Markovic as Lenka , Mladen Andrejevic as Djordje , Relja Popovic as Vuk , Radoslav Milenkovic as Kecman , Mira Stupica as Baka Olga , Marko Nikolic as Bogdan , Anita Mancic as Tamara , Branimir Popovic as Zvonce , Uros Djuric as Kacamak , Milan Jovanovic Strongman as Afrika , Milan Maric as Resetka , Bojan Navojec as Zuko , Sasa Petrovic as Ibro , Mladen Nelevic as Boro , Mirjana Djurdjevic as Radica , Melita Bihali as Sluzbenica , Nadja Sekulic as Novinarka , Sonja Damjanovic as Bobana , Anja Popovic as Ivana rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Vuk Bijelic as Aktivista 5, Pavle Bozic as Mali partizanovac u tuci, Marija Dinic as Aktivista 8, Nikola Djurisic as Borin sin, Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic as Skinhead 1, Nemanja Janicic as Aktivista 1, Milan Jovicevic as Policajac u stanici, Dusan Kalicanin as Aktivista 3, Joana Knezevic as Aktivista 7, Zarko Miskic as Skinhead 4, Milan Pajic as Aktivista 4, Davor Perunovic as Crnogorski aktivista, Dusan Radojicic as Skinhead 2, Eva Ras as Cistacica u veterinarskoj ordinaciji, Nenad Savic as Policajac kod Limuna, Vladimir Tica as Aktivista 9, Jelena Velkovski as Mlada kozmeticarka, Viktor Vilotijevic as Aktivista 6, Dimitrije Vojnov as Ideolog Srbosa, Dragoljub Vojnov as Svestenik, Filip Vukcevic as Skinhead 3, Ivica Zadro as Carinik / Customs offcier

Plot : A homophobic, middle-aged, Serbian gangster winds up sacrificing himself to protect Gay autonomy inside his country… See more » |

Plot Summary : A homophobic, middle-aged, Serbian gangster finally ends up sacrificing himself to protect Gay liberty inside his country. RADMILO (35) also MIRKO (30) are infantile also victorious gay couple, also they may possibly engagement a contented duo wherever in addition excluding inside – Serbia. They seek to live discreetly on the abundant hand still, every daytime they are abused by the homophobic majority. Plus, Mirko is a gay rights activist, also his fantasize is to sort out the initially victorious PRIDE happening inside Belgrade. This is more or less a "mission impossible"; inside 2001, an endeavor to fit PRIDE inside Belgrade did wakeful inside bloodshed. One decade later, the predicament is not a large amount of more proficient – nationalist also neo-Nazi companies plan one more massacre inside case of weighting up the gay parade, spilt second the observe reject to give succor for the raison d’être that the participants. A quirky duo arrives inside Radmilo's also Mirko's survival – LEMON (45) an old friend criminal also effort veteran, the owner of a petite defense organization also his fiance – PEARL (30) a exquisiteness parlor owner. Radmilo, a victorious veterinarian, performs a life-saving company Lemon's pit-bull terrier, the victim of a drive-by injecting that succoured since a message to the dog's master. Mirko move an company that organizes stylish weddings also at the present he has the crucial nightmare shoppers – Pearl also Lemon. The bump into between these two worlds ends inside accident – furthermore one more humiliation for the raison d’être that Radmilo also Mirko. Mirko saw ample – not previously he fell upon Immigrant Visa derive pleasure Canada also needs to withdraw the nation forever. Radmilo is prepared for the raison d’être that a frantic planning to carry his wife also their relationship – He throws up a treaty to Lemon, soliciting that Lemon's company give succor for the raison d’être that the Belgrade Pride. In return, Mirko will sort out the bridal ceremony paint the town red for the raison d’être that Pearl also Lemon. Lemon reluctantly accepts, on the abundant hand his team of workers refuses to protect homosexuals. Put inside a tight spot, Lemon thinks of his "dear" enemies derive pleasure the ex-Yu wars. LEMON also RADMILO begin on a hiring jaunt everywhere ex-Yugoslavia. They cope with to register for the raison d’être that their mission: NIKO (45) a Croat effort veteran, HALIL (40), a Bosnian Muslim, also AZEM (45), an Albanian derive pleasure Kosovo. But the handful of "samurai" are furthermore to countenance their most eminent challenge… THE PARADE, inside a tragicomic way, tells the yarn almost about continuing struggle between two worlds inside modern-day post-war Serbian community – the traditional, oppressive, homophobic majority also a liberal, existing also open-minded minority.

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