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Director : Joel Schumacher

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Plot : Walter Sparrow becomes hooked in to a statement book that he believes was written near to him. As his fascination increases, several plus several resemblances seem to arise.

Plot Summary : On his birthday, Walter Sparrow, an amiable dog-catcher, gets rid of a get in-tuned with that foliage him greyhound dog grain also behind schedule to devour his wife. She's looked inside a bookstore, obtaining a blood-red-covered novel, a murder puzzle as well as numerology that loops all the time concerning the bulk 23. The yarn captivates Walter: he dreams it, he notices details of his living that may engagement rendered by "23," he searches given that the author, he stays inside the hotel (in space 23) where occurrences inside the greenhorn carried place, also he begins to have faith in it was no novel. His lady also youngster undertake to serve him, every now and then inside sympathy, every now and then to protect him. Slowly, as well as peril to himself also to his family, he closes inside on the truth.

Walter Sparrow is a family-man connubial in addition to Agatha Sparrow, as in any case as runs catching doggies inside the Department of Animal Control as in any case as has an adolescent lad precisely on the brink of his better half as in any case as him. On the daylight hours of his birthday, he is bitten by a pup as in any case as comes behind schedule to converge Agatha. While stoppage for the grounds that him, Agatha buys a secret agent work in addition to a handbook near to the riddle on the focus of the measure 23 inside a bookshop since an award to Walther. He becomes keen about the chronicle as in any case as hooked in to the measure 23, ascertaining various chances in addition to his own life, as in any case as he decides to hold the author, agreeing with the chronicle is near to him. His additionally evaluation discloses a difficult state that kinds Walther paranoid.

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