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Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

Cast : , Valentina Bartolo as Melissa, Elisabetta Fischer as Mamma, Pia Lanciotti as Virginia, Nicola Marchitiello as Karl, Anna Nevander as Anna Olson, Ettore Nicoletti as Infetto, Sax Nicosia as Dottor Ricardi, Luigi Piluso as Luigi, Beppe Rosso as Francesco, Federico Tolardo as Yuri

Plot : A new, really precarious virus, stretching everywhere Europe inside too soon 2011.

Plot Summary : The Gerber's Syndrome is an contagious viral condition that was acknowledged inside Germany inside 2008 in addition to extend everywhere the world. It is really contagious, swift spreading, in addition to deadly. This infirmity is extremely tasking to spot, since it's admire a common prescription of the flu, in addition to the comprehensive thing the succeeding proofs that certain of us are recognizable with; on the abundant hand later, the virus affects the reasoning faculty cells creating somber ache to the foremost anxious system. A TV crew is earning a documentary almost the condition in addition to the fashion group is dealing with it by documenting the stories of three human beings who are coping with Gerber's Syndrome: Melissa is a tender gal that has been infected, Doctor Ricardi is the physician who is imminent her in addition to Luigi is a member of the CS, the defense agency that has to traumatize infected people. The TV crew appear the lives of this characters, becoming temperaments each other for the reason that they are continuously inside the action. We notice how the infirmity steps forward inside Melissa in addition to the fashion her school in addition to Doctor Ricardi deals in addition to it; in addition to we realize the subsistence Luigi, an usual 23 days elderly man in addition to extremely hairy responsibilities.

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