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Director : Ridley Scott

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast : Michael Fassbender as Counselor , Penélope Cruz as Laura , Cameron Diaz as Malkina , Javier Bardem as Reiner , Cesar Aguirre as Truck Driver #1 , Daniel Holguín as Truck Driver #2 , Christopher Obi as Malkina’s Bodyguard (as Chris Obi) , Bruno Ganz as Diamond Dealer , Brad Pitt as Westray , Paris Jefferson as Waitress , Dar Dash as Barman , Richard Cabral as Young Biker , Rosie Perez as Ruth , Alex Hafner as Highway Patrolman , Andrea Deck as Watching Girl , Sam Spruell as Wireman , Toby Kebbell as Tony , Emma Rigby as Tony’s Girlfriend , Édgar Ramírez as Priest , Eben Young as Bike Clerk , Richard Brake as Second Man , Barbara Durkin as Cafe Waitress , Giannina Facio as Woman with Mobile Phone , Velibor Topic as Sedan Man , Juan José Rodríguez as Junkyard Man , Alexander Biggie as Junkyard Boy #1 , Pablo Paredes as Junkyard Boy #2 , Cavassa Ventura as Third Man Killer , Frank Spano as Man With Bar , Alejandro Marzal as Man With Pistol

Plot : A lawyer finds himself inside way over his brand whilst he gets needed inside medication trafficking.

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