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Director : Mark Steven Grove

Release Date :

Genre : Action

Cast : , James Lew as Asura , Louis Mandylor as Carson , Sara N. Salazar as Kotori , Mark Steven Grove as Drake , Sam Del Rio as Domino , Nao Minami as Kiri , Dale Li as Maeda , Trygve Lode as Tanaro other cast: , Debra McMichael as Captain Lang, Meggie Maddock as Yurei, Dean Satriano as Rosco, Jason Coviello as Oni Minion, Laurel Harris as Officer Lewis, Kirk Montgomery as Andrew, Gary Sirchia as Officer Vance, Aaron Bird as Officer Jamison, Sarah Mills as Lynn, Vivian Lie as Yurei, Leah Lockhart as Female Cultist, Kevin Koepke as Oni High Priest, Scott Sheely as Officer Peterson, Tannia Kustka as Female Cultist, Brian D. Cahill as Oni Minion, Jenni Kjerstad as Female Cultist, Brock Benson as Officer Jones, Elisa Vasquez as Female Cultist, Will Beckingham as Kazan, Robert Tortora as Chief Lancaster, Phil Martinez as Marko 'Baby' Sanchez, Zak Hennessey as Officer Jenkins, Chanda Chatham as Aki, Yvette Lehman as Female Cultist, Ryan Green as Thug, Kyle Amann as Officer Taylor, Brandon Lehman as Officer Yates, Anthony Bianco as Officer Lewis, Matthew Feula as Oni Minion, Lauren Melone as Female Cultist, Nico Feula as Oni Minion, Justin McQueede as Kenzo

Plot : In 15th century Japan, Asura is supplied a delightful sword by a half human/half crow soul noted since a Tengu… See more » |

Plot Summary : In 15th century Japan, Asura is offered a supernatural sword by a half human/half crow human being noticed because a Tengu. This sword bestowed the reward of immortality, excluding it moreover got back and a price. Asura was at the moment honor guaranteed to turn into a sentry of our world, guarding it critical the forces of darkness. Throughout term Asura has honored his responsibility without question, excluding at the moment an added jeopardy arises. The sorcerer, Tanaro, who massacred his become literate at centuries formerly inside feudal Japan has risen savours away from the grievous to fulfill his confront to produce a influential evil upon the earth. His human being inhabiting a metropolitan keep observe over officer, Tanaro reunites and a new version of his elderly cult to heal influential artifacts that will enable him to open a gateway between our nation also that of a malevolent evil noticed because Akuma. Along and his apprentices, Kotori also Domino, also keep observe over secret agent Drake, Asura must end Tanaro also his minions savours closing the day of observance that will let loose hell on Earth.

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