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Director : Michael Lauter

Release Date :

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , Trevor Nelson as Brett , Migina Tsai as Kimberly , Jessica Boone as Isabelle , Chandan Prithiani as Caleb , Peter Walters as Nikolas , Christine Dawson as Veronica , Seth Rossman as Prof. Lorenz , Curtiss Johns as James , Chad Neidt as Jasper , Kevin Sean Ryan as Harold , David William Murray Fisher as Pluto , Niels Schonbeck as October , Kristin Keating as Tina , Christine Brookshire as Ashley , Katy Neusteter as Gunivere , Chloe Southern as Young Isabelle , Aaron Johnson as Music Student , Brandon Ersoz as Student rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Scott R. Davis as NRO spook, Kalyn Fong as Grace, Eric Klassen as Dan

Plot : Ph.D. candidates product a chief success inside quantum pc architecture. Yet it awakens the players to nightmarish possibilities. One by one, the investigate students go off mad, squandered or both.

Plot Summary : Ph.D. candidates Brett, Kimberly as anyhow as Caleb style a key step forward inside quantum personal computer architecture. While suffer their current personal computer idea inside the university lab, they labor under terrible visions as anyhow as sensations. Brett finds safe haven as anyhow as prospect outside the laboratory inside the campus conservatory, toying the piano. Here he similarly meets wide awake along furthermore lover Isabelle, a haunted, introspection music prodigy. The piano is the film's elementary metaphor; an gizmo of empathy, which – the teen researchers at once fathom – is similarly specific of their current computing device. Its frightening effects zone Brett as anyhow as Caleb not wide awake to an intoxicating spell. Meanwhile, variant students to bear to the cross-examine suffer disappeared missing. Brett turns to the mysterious, stoic Nikolas because miscelanneous forethought into unfolding events. Yet Nikolas' cryptic hints seem just to work hard Brett as anyhow as squad into still darker corridors of the soul. Kimberly strives to reign her dude students back up to sanity, excluding it might engagement exaggeratedly delayed because all.

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