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Director : Jason Tzavellas

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , Leyteris Tsatsis as Kimonas , Lemonia Yannaridou as Elli , Nikos Karathanos as Man in white , Nancy Maguire as Sotiria , Thanos Hronis as Artist rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Maria Goula as Maria, Giorgios Mavridis as Farmer, Lazaros Mavridis as Grocery store owner, Stavroula Ntemka as Farmers wife, Giannis Romanos as Giannis, Dimitris Triandafyllou as Farmer

Plot : The narrative of a humdrum partners along with the redefinition of their relationship along with their time ended their subconscious transition.

Plot Summary : Inexplicable reasons characteristic a boring city partners to prefer an overseas heap village for their ritual destination. Through an arrangement of miraculous time they make headway in person along furthermore the impasse of their relationship in addition to their genuine being. The pursuit as a mode out leads the protagonists on the verge of borderline predicaments along with acute choices. As they emergence the edges of reason, authenticity fades into the subconscious, spilt second they arrange to gauge Salvation.

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