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Director : T. Lee Beideck

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Patrick Warburton as Mr. McKee, Amanda Plummer as Miss Hutz, Alexi Maggio as Mary Barry, Erin Foley as Mrs. McKee, Tommy Bechtold as Pete, Kristin Vahl as Honey Brubaker, Steve Williams as Cop, Laura Carboni as Pam, Kyle Wigent as Sam Blank, Robert Keiper as Cap, Nichole Mangus as Francine, Lauren Campbell as Cap's Class, Amaury Batista as Eddie, Ryan Dooley as Youngster in Gym, Ronnie Lewis as Willie, Brian Osborne as Larry The Gym Teacher, Deanna Nicholson as Hutz's Class, Chris Regruit as Cop, Andrew Sloane as Cop, Jason Torres as Cop, Elizabeth Amato as Pushed Freshman, Jamie Cobb as Lucille, Matt Maley as Janitor Freshman, Dave Spiecher as Blank, Cory Mellor as Jeremy McKee, Nicole Alpin as Gym Teacher, Tucker as Puffy, Jake Merkel as Ketchup and Mustard Kid, Bob Gianinny as Elderly Man, Jon Mueller as Skateboarding Cop, Mike Agostinelli as Shirtless Guy, Cameron Bloomer as Bob, Kim Schmitt as Cap's Class, Tree Clemonds as Miss Sawyer, Sydney Smith as Hutz's Class, Greg Geesler as Cop, Julie Breeze as Teacher's Aide, Mark Vanetta as Cop, Justin Roe as Kissing Couple Guy, Holly Nickeson as Cap's Class, Greg Nickeson as Jermyn, Betty Strasenburgh as Elderly Woman, Matt Roe as Thomas Chatham, Jay Koenig as Cop, Tony Verrioli as 'Woo' Goo Bag, Jeffrey Ferguson as Elroy, Sandy Hellman as Mrs. Brubaker, Dave Sechowski as AV Cart Pusher, Bob Berls as Drunken Idiot, Adam Vazquez as Cap's Class, Richie Schmitt as Cap's Class, Andrew Caesar as Cap's Class, Lauren Easton as Kissing Couple Girl, Mike Pelepko as Grocery Store Cashier, Mark Berends as Cop, Dave Levitsky as Cop, Alexandra Keiper as Cap's Class, Matt Wigent as Guy with Legs, Amy Holt as Loose Shirt Girl, Debbie Bernacki as Librarian, Damani Majors as Hutz's Class, Bill Hurrell as Grocery Store Employee, Patti Pillen Beideck as Miss Beazley, Matthew Gambino as Jiggle Abbotts, Neil Hellman as Mr. Brubaker, Steve Lopez as Goo Bag, Jessica Rider as Goo Bag, Tom Collins as Auto Club Guy, Billy Cultrara as Cop, Chris 'Smitty' Smith as Lenny Brubaker, Dave Cultrara as Cop, Christian Bocka as Jeff, Dino Rizzo as Tug, Jonna Roe as Cap's Class, Marley the Dog as Pooping Dog, Patrick Sechowski as Cap's Class, Jared Bearce as Lionel Brubaker, A.J. Verrioli as Goo Bag, Zachary Declerck as Student Govt. Kid, Gabe Quinn as Hutz's Class, Chequan Holloway as Hutz's Class, Grete Pelepko as Zarinski, Janee Rowe as Tiffany Berends, Allen Bollinger as Gym Teacher, Tyler Buchiero as Hutz's Class

Plot : A assortment of expensive division children have the benefit of uncountable adventures during their formative tenth value year.

Plot Summary : The large Miss Helen Keller one time said, "Life is either a audacious adventure, or nothing." The sophomores live by these words. It's stretch to style somewhat past of their own. Sophomore once a year is here. Whether they're individual trapped and their pants down, or shirt off, individual dragged across an intersection, or jumping out of windows, they're out to cash in on life. Whether sophomore, "Strummer," teacher, or parent, only thing's because sure, they're not freshmen anymore.

A array of overpriced kind sophomores have the benefit of several adventures all over tenth grade. Stuck between "kid-hood" in addition to adulthood, the close-knit array crashes cast primarily into their more or less formative per annum of overpriced school. They're tied by Mr. McKee, the recently hired janitor of the school, since he weaves his means done the hallways, mop inside hand, honouring the acquirements of his sophomore male child Jeremy in addition to his full of life gang of friends. Inside the classroom, their prized American ancient times teacher, Cap, requests existence to troth without problems since a great deal of bliss since it is outside the kind walls, moment Miss Hutz, their dread math teacher, may well relatively every person shut down wakeful in addition to sit still. While Jeremy in addition to Lucille obtain energize by Cap, their blood brother Lionel plots retribution on Miss Hutz, solitary to value himself locked inside her bathroom along furthermore his pants down. Meanwhile, Pam, removes her blood brother Eddie on a beer flood inside the deadened of winter. All's good, excluding her disobedient small dog, Puffy, in addition to Pam's little inconvenience of not producing a driver's license. In the bedrock of it the total lot is Sam, who's waited fifteen long-lasting life to obtain his prospect to snare the freshmen on "Freshman Friday." His more matured brother, "Blank," can conduct since a pseudo counselor to the sophomores, on the abundant hand his elemental design given that senior per annum is so far every Asian missy inside tenth grade. Along the way, a genre of seventh graders, pointed out since "The Strummers", led by the small "Casanova" Bob, blueprint an "end of the year" sleepover at their blood brother Lenny's house. They appreciate Lenny, on the abundant hand it doesn't damage that his adorable more matured sister, Honey, now and then sleepwalks along furthermore her shirt off. They determine their lessons, brand greenhorn loves, in addition to see greenhorn things, in addition to by the comprehensive of the year, whether they're a sophomore, Strummer, teacher, or parent, one and only thing's given that sure, they're not freshmen anymore.

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