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Director : Nirpal Bhogal

Release Date :

Genre : Crime

Cast : , Ashley Walters as Trey , Lily Loveless as Hannah , Riann Steele as Shaks , Aimee Kelly as Kayla , Emma Hartley-Miller as Danielle , Adelayo Adedayo as Kerry , Varada Sethu as Kiran , Richie Campbell as Ruds , Kate Foster-Barnes as Tanya , Michael Maris as Drew , Ashley Chin as Titch , Leon Ajikawo as Reet , Candis Nergaard as Scarred Woman , David Nellist as Kayla's Dad , Marc Sutcliffe as Sparks , Melissa Ricci as Lisa other cast: , Santi Scinelli as Cafe customer, Slaine Kelly as Nurse Charlotte Peters, Matthew David McCarthy as Council Resident, Ray Bullock Jr. as PC Matt Bendall, William Willoughby as Man on bus 2, Suzanne Dollins as Nurse Ackland, Effie Woods as PC Kate Marshall, Andrew Turner as Cafe Owner, Rochelle De-Terville as Passer by, Kal Aise as Estate Man 2, Michael Coleman as PC Paul Driffield, Samuel Victor as Kissing Clubber, Matthew David Hearn as Business Man, Tracey Greenwood as Cafe Customer, Christos Lawton as Business Man, Nick Embassy as Playboy, Geoffrey Aymer as Rud's Dad, Nish Nathwani as Newsagent, Charlotte Lewis as Sarah, Dan Love as Himself, Ifte Amed as Estate Man 1

Plot : When a infantile man is cruelly furthermore randomly attacked by a hot gang led by the severe Trey… See more » |

Plot Summary : When a small grown-up is cruelly with randomly attacked by a hot gang led by the drastic Trey, her petite 16 per annum archaic female family member Kayla requests vengeance with will prevent at nil to find it, notwithstanding it path welding a opponent gal gang led by the volatile with wounded man-hating Danielle.

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