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Director : Richard Chandler

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , George Raynor as Scrooge , Tina Krause as Sally , Seregon O'Dassey as Ghost of Christmas Past , Peter Morse as Abby , Kassandre Casame as Freda , Bill Jacques as Mr. Crotchrot , Todd Therrien as Ghost of Christmas Present , Richard Chandler as Ghost of Christmas Future , Alexander Hauck as Tiny Tim , Oselito Joseph as Zeke , William Bloomfield as Ari , Jim Baker as Mike the Russian other cast: , Lilith Astaroth as Mistress Ivy, Stacey Forbes Iwanicki as Dancer, Alexander Lewis as Tommy, Sandra Brown as Tiffany, Diane Curran as Pawn Shop Patron, Mike Goodreau as Old Feziwig, James Barrett as Mohammad, Dwayne Sneed as Rev. Jones, David Bockenkamp as Mrs. Crotchrot, Timothy J. Anders as Big Mike, Katie Petkiewich as Martha Crotchrot, Brian Odiana as Pimp 2, Matthew Colicci as Abeb, Kurt Gombar as Barkeep, Cj Okafor as Young Scrooge, Larry Dacosta as Slim Jim, Steve Sandberg as Abe Whipplestein, Kassandre Casame as Freda, Gareth William Mannion as Want, Angela Seay as Fran in her 20s, Marely Mercedes as Young Fran, Jim Pierce as Peter Crotchrot, Angela Seay as Fran, Craig Goedecke as Old Lady, Joe Campanella as Bouncer, Margaret Sammarco as Stripper, Holid Love as Smitty, Mike Brophy as Pawnshop Owner, Bernie Hutchens as Undertaker, Allan Alexander as Jacob Marley, Ivan Kasana as Pimp 1, Wes Williams as Scrooge in his 20s, Ruth Kelly as Abby's Mom, Alyssa Soule as French Maid, Chandler Place-Downie as Student

Plot :

Plot Summary :

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