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Director : John Henry Summerour

Release Date :

Genre : Mystery

Cast : (in credits order) , Trevor Neuhoff as Paul , Kristin Rievley as Lyla , Jace Flatt as Scotty , Charles Patterson as Chris , Laura Maynard as Rachel , Sharon Huey as Lovey , Chip Jones as Dave , Rhea Thurman as Sandy , Larry Summerour as Sheriff Buster Kershaw

Plot : A little adolescent inside rural Georgia stumbles upon a repugnant breakthrough inside the woods, in addition to the fabric of his living unravels for he suffers the secret.

Plot Summary : In the frost of 2002, way over 300 bodies were acknowledged disordered near to the attribute of the Tri-State Crematory inside Noble, GA, inside a lot of stages of decay. "Sahkanaga" imagines this occasion enjoys the outlook of a little person who discovers the originally body. Filmed on region inside Walker County, GA, along furthermore a bracket of non-professional actors, diverse of whom skillful suggest regards to the real-life scandal, "Sahkanaga" observes a tight-knit area on the verge of collapse of a inexcusable adversity as anyways as their efforts to type common sense of the unknowable.

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