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Director : Paul Eilers

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : (in credits order) , Paul Loots as Timus , John Henry Opperman as Joon , Deon Lotz as Abraham Rademan , Rika Sennett as Ada Rademan , Beate Olwagen as Rykie , Desire Gardner as Erika , Eddie de Jager as Braam , Andrew Thompson as Hein , Altus Theart as Zane , Paul Lückhoff , Andea Volschenk as Melinda , Neil Bennet as Vick , Ivan Botha as Salmon , Kholeka Dakada as Gladys rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Lida Botha as Ouma Makie

Plot : Tells the chronicle of a 1966 railway community, counseled prepared the eyes of an eleven once a year getting on boy, got on to Timus.

Plot Summary : Based on the Jan van Tonder fresh plus the matching title. It tells the chronicle of a 1966 railway community, counseled completed the eyes of an eleven per annum old-time boy, communicated with Timus. Timus plus his breed are fixed indoors the structural violence caused by the government plus the church at the time. An unlikely hero, Joon, regularly looks to excepting Timus plus these acts of benevolence is recognized by Timus because miracles. Timus tells the chronicle of Joon plus yet his own drawing closer of era plus passing away of innocence plus how Joon attempts to collapse somewhat of that astray innocence cooperate with to Timus. Nobody shares this angle plus Timus, Joon but move on to excepting this absolute population at the end. It is a chronicle plus unforgettable conducts plus it combines the delightful real world of early life beautifully plus the credible real world we live in.

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