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Director : Carlos Saldanha

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Musical

Plot : When Blu, a domesticated macaw take entertainment in small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely self sustaining Jewel, he flies on an voyage to Rio de Janeiro along furthermore this bird of his dreams.

Plot Summary : In Rio de Janeiro, the macaw child Blu is captured by traders furthermore smuggled to the United States of America. While shooting finished Moose Lake, Minnesotta, the truck that is transporting Blu has a minute mishap that globs the box where he is fixed on the road. The gal Linda finds the bird furthermore raises him also love. Fifteen days later, Blu is a domesticated furthermore smart bird that completes not take wing furthermore lives a more contented continuation also the bookstall owner Linda. Out of the blue, the all fingers and thumbs Brazilian ornithologist Tulio visits Linda furthermore explains that Blu is the previous chap of his group living furthermore he has a lady communicated with Jewel inside Rio de Janeiro. He invites Linda to trip also Blu to Rio de Janeiro to friend also Jewel furthermore except their species. Linda travels also Blu furthermore Tulio to Rio de Janeiro furthermore they quit Blue furthermore Jewel inside a huge cage inside the institute where Tulio works. While they are producing dinner, smugglers crush inside the institute furthermore slip Blue furthermore Jewel to persuade you to buy each other since foreigners. Linda furthermore Tulio gander all way over the place since Blu that is chained to Jewel furthermore separate inside a slum. Meanwhile, Jewel furthermore Blu flee take amusement in their captors furthermore befriend a stamp of game birds that do any individual a good turn each other to dig up free off the chain. It is Carnival furthermore the smugglers furthermore the suggest cockatoo Nigel do not intend to back down of Blu furthermore Jewel furthermore are chasing the game birds finished the crowded streets.

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