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Director : Gavin Hood

Genre : Drama, Thriller, War

Plot : A CIA analyst cross-examinations his job following witnessing an unorthodox interrogative at a confidential slammer deal outside the US.

Plot Summary : After a terrorist bombing kills an American envoy inside a distant off country. An study leads to an Egyptian who has been breathing inside the United States because days furthermore who is conjugal to an American. He is apprehended as he's on his wont home. The U.S. transports him to the countryside where the occurrence occurs because query which includes torture. An American CIA operative observes the query furthermore is at balance whether to carry it flowing or to impede it. In the meantime, the man's better half raises hell to rate him notwithstanding someone pregnant excluding the human being at the rear of this refuses to succour or crumble her any information.

When an Egyptian terrorism sniff "disappears" on a flight delight in Africa to Washington DC, his American lady in addition to a CIA analyst weigh up each other held inside a effort to strap his opens up delight in a covert confinement package everyplace outside the US.

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