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Director : Alastair Orr

Release Date :

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Brandon Auret as William Hunter, Clive Gilson as Colin Norton, Craig Hawks as Reece, Christien Le Roux as Megan Donovan, Ryan Macquet as Jake Butler, Alex Radntiz as De La Rossa, Nicolas Rasenti as Briggs, Ingeborg Riedmaier as Samantha Foxx, Justin Strydom as Le Roux, Michael Thompson as Dominic Black

Plot : Four participants register for the ground that an unusual healing test.

Plot Summary : Everyone has an Expiration Date. Four applicants, along furthermore their own lonely agendas, are permitted by an aberrant corporation to participate inside a health test at a part-time have facility. With no orders as in any case as no supplies, the gentleman lab heels must fend given that them as in any case as understand no matter what share of the test each only is playing. When the corporation becomes aware that a pregnant intruder has infiltrated the facility, they send inside armored guards to stop working the mess. However, loyalties are confirmed as the guards notice the the complete story with commenting to the experiments as in any case as start off to put on the corporation. Hidden truths with commenting to the other side as in any case as why they the complete lot signed wakeful given that the appraisal are exposed because their condition becomes regularly dire.

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