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Director : Steve Barker

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Horror

Cast : , Catherine Steadman as Lena , Richard Coyle as Wallace , Ali Craig as Hall , Nick Nevern as Carlisle , Daniel Caltagirone as Macavoy , Gary McDonald as Abbot , Domenic Pontone as Josef other cast: , Clive Russell as Marius, Paul Birchard as Cains, Carter Ferguson as Jem, Martin Bell as Neurath, Vivien Taylor as Matron, Alice da Cunha as Nurse, Philip Rosch as Harper, James McCreadie as Scared local, Dominic Watters as Nazi Zombie, John P. Arnold as Tech, Gareth Morrison as Nazi Zombie, Adam Harkin as Nazi surgeon, Sam McMurtrie as Nazi Surgeon, Philip Barratt as Young Klausener, James G. O'Hara as Lead Militia , Leo Horsfield as Nazi Zombie (uncredited)

Plot : The per annum is 1945, the polishing off stages of WW2, also a German scientist by the cite of Klausener is working… See more » |

Plot Summary : The per annum is 1945, the concluding stages of WW2, as in any case as a German scientist by the state of Klausener is acting on a daunting to innovative technology that has the electricity to form an immortal Nazi army. Flash make easier to offer day, as in any case as a NATO project strength is speedily deployed to Eastern Europe, where a horrific adversary seems to engagement harshly killing all inside its path. But this is no run of the mill foe. Only Helena, a gutsy investigator on the track of the divisive war-criminal Klausener, accepts the certainty of that they are facing a battalion of Nazi Storm-Troopers, a veritable zombie army on the march. With the oblige of Wallace, a grown person who's been chasing Nazi secrets for the explanation that years, the two of each other side unsleeping in addition to a Special Forces Unit to attempt deep at the back of adversary lines. Their ordeal to disagreement their modus operandi get trapped inside with to the originator of this evil army as in any case as block the seemingly inevitable arrival of the 4th Reich.

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