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Director : Janez Lapajne

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Cast : , Boris Cavazza as Grandfather, Ambroz Copi, Neza Drobnic, Primoz Ekart, Uros Furst, Natasa Barbara Gracner as Mother, Jure Henigman, Bojan Ilijanic, Mateja Koleznik, Nina Rakovec as Girlfriend, Klemen Slakonja as Son, Lidija Susnik, Vito Taufer, Peter Teichmeister, Branko Zavrsan as Father, Tjasa Zeleznik, Grega Zorc

Plot : Director focuses on to new gentleman inability to emphasize. What types the central protagonist of this movie appealing is her selfishness which reflects the all-purpose behaviour in addition to social background of the offer moment. |

Plot Summary :

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