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Director : Paul Cross

Release Date :

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Jack Brand as Aaron Delgado , Paul Cross as George Poole , Christopher Kriesa as Phillip Singer , Graham Clarke as Chuck Griswold , M.O. Onjoray as James MccCollough , Robert Stilwell as Harvey St. Claire , Brad Potts as Chase Jordan , Randy Fratkin as Ray Donovan , Danny Grossman as Charlie Getz , John E. Outtrim as Red Harrington , John Gilbert as Michael Goldberg , David Alan Graf as Dave Francini , Christopher Wiles as Dick Cheney , Cole J. Porter as Horace Humphrey , Chelene Nightingale as News Reporter , Mikos Zavros as Sam Hall , Tom Druilhet as John Weess , Tansy Alexander as Lisa Poole , Madison Wenn as Alyssa Poole , Larry Wang Parrish as Norman Mineta , Art Roberts as Scooter Libby , Steve Guilmette as Hugh Sims , Jack Bornoff as Seth Jones , Jamie Bernadette as Stewardess other cast: , Danae McKillop as McCullough's Secretary, Adrienne McQueen as Jane Standley, Jon Briddell as Jamie McIntyre, Chris Warner as Walter Knox, Napoleon Ryan as Philip Hayden, Paul Savage as Federal Agent 2, James Tumminia as Zacarias Moussaoui, Jeff Johnson as Federal Agent Thomas, Mark Naji as Hussein al-Attas, Lonnie 'Lono' Woodley as Airport Passenger, Morgan Daniel as Bart Dever, Lauren Suthers as Third-Grade Dancer Eight, Matt Jones as Jamie McIntyre, Kelly Campbell as NASA Victim, Reatha Grey as Cheney's Secretary, Frazer Douglas as Chris Chaniki, Justin Ellis as Phillip Hayden, Jay Murray as Security Guard, Matthew Solomon as Radar Technician, James Avise as Larry Mason, Amazon Beard as NASA Victim, Brian H. Scott as Co-Pilot, Arlan Godthaab as Jordan Walters, Larry 'Dean' Latham as Airport Passenger, Frank Rada as Supervisor, Maya Farshoukh as Afghan Girl, Mike Shaffrey as Brice Miller, Norma J. Houser as Elevator Lady, Natalie Coulter as Third-Grade Dancer Six, Johanna Marshall as Mrs. Carmichael, Andy Thompson as Kent Barlowski, Ty Kopp as Steve Nordmann, Asal Nazerpour as Airport Passenger, Eric McCoy as Tim Nelson, Kenn Schmidt as Chris Boswell, Percy Smith as Barry Jennings, Gregory Stone as Federal Agent Tanner, Steven Whitmore as Federal Agent Oney, Joe Sabatello as Media Tech, Jonathan Wadley as Military Aide, Chris Desousa as Male Audio Tech, Ron Dzierzynski as Monte Belger, Tom Vinson as NASA Victim, Regan Forston as Orion Worker, Akhtar Khan as Usama bin Laden, Bobby Marchesso as Donald Brenski, Michaela Cupper as Female Airport Agent, Calvin Kim as NASA Victim, Victor Vargas as Abdulaziz al-Omari, Biana Grace Naim as Third-Grade Dancer Three, Karen Turner Sutton as Agent Carrington, A. Benton Edmons as Airport Passenger, Luther E. Sullivan III as Airport Passenger, Quinton Bowen as Strip Club Patron, Michael Santana as NASA Victim, Richard Baker as Airplane Passenger, Stephanie Valenzuela as Airport Passenger, Eric Sanchez as NASA Victim, Justin Herring Young as Demolition Worker, Chris Dessousa as Male Audio Tech, Matthew Balshan as Airplane Passenger, Tom Toka as NASA Victim, Catherine Farestad as NASA Victim, Melvin Markowitz as NASA Victim, Alfred Benoit as Airplane Passenger, Shakti as Afghan Woman, Yassir Nadifi as Ali Mohamed, Halcyone Rapp as Airport Passenger, Jade Mason as Orion Worker, Ahmed Moniem as Mohamed Atta, Morgan Wenn as Third-Grade Dancer Two, Aaron Louie as Airport Passenger, Richard Miraan as Alfred Harlow, Jill Pyeatt as NASA Victim, Robert Green as Airplane Passenger, Annaize Huerta as Stripper, Edward Ruwaldt as Orion Worker, Kylee Herschberger as Third-Grade Dancer Five, Elizabeth Rudisill as Third-Grade Dancer Seven, Todd McCain as Airplane Passenger, Clay Van Christie as Zacarias Moussaoui, Nima Azizi as Marwan al-Shehr, King Mike Green as VP Aide, Tim Bevan as Ken Lay, Shirley Guevara as NASA Victim, Juliana Naim as Third-Grade Dancer Four, Sabrina Echols as Airport Passenger, Kyle Ward as Strip Club Patron, Burt Pronin as Oil Executive, Alan Pyeatt as NASA Victim, Shane Connolly as Strip Club Patron, Dean Cox as Strip Club Patron, Federico LaGuerder as NASA Victim, Alfonso Illan as NASA Victim, Jamie Pickett as NASA Victim, Steve Balshan as Airplane Passenger, Margie Davis as Third-Grade Dancer One, Joline Marino as NASA Victim, Craig Henderson as NASA Victim, Giabriela Ensil as Airport Passenger, G. Gordon Ellis as Airplane Passenger

Plot : CIA origin Aaron Delgado move as well as a players of agents with engineers to put inside force a thought to defy the World Trade Center with the Pentagon, pinning the blame on Muslim Terrorists.

Plot Summary : James McCullough, like the mystifying "Council", assigns CIA origin Aaron Delgado to put inside force an inspiration to take on the World Trade Center also the Pentagon also clasp the blame on Muslim Terrorists. Delgado also dude agents, Phillip Singer also Chase Jordan, labor along furthermore a type of unsuspecting engineers to acquire unmanned jets to ended wakeful at the Twin Towers also the Pentagon. The CIA agents have to be compelled to upset an regularly suspicious George Poole, the take engineer performing on the drones. Also the Army also the FBI pop out to expose the plot, adding Delgado to close up slurp their investigations. On the daylight of the attacks, Delgado becomes livid because the media reports on the flattening of WTC Building 7 sooner than it is blown wakeful also that there are no proofs of planes knocking the Pentagon also the hypothetical catastrophe web content of Flight 93.

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