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Director :

Genre : Drama, Romance

Plot : An anthology movie sealing many fondness stories compilation inside one in all the various adore cities of the world, New York.

Plot Summary : Ten vignettes inside New York City: a pickpocket meets his match; a juvenile Hasidic woman, on the eve of her marriage, reveals herself to an Indian businessman; a creator strives a pick-up line; an player attempts a model; a composer concerns to read; two women connect; a steamy man removes a teen to Central Park; lovers meet; some removes a walk on their anniversary; a baby act to the prom also a damsel inside a wheelchair; a retired singer contemplates suicide. There are eight million stories inside the naked city: these submit to been ten of them.

Diamond merchant Mansukhbhai, the father of Vinesh also Paresh, a Gujarati-Jain, who abstains like meat, onions, garlic, seafood, potatoes, also the consummate lot along furthermore roots, endeavors to good deal a modify a Hasidic woman, Rifka, who has merely shaved her genre inside ask to get adapt of married. He recalls his subsistence along furthermore his wife, who disappeared him to live a painless non-materialistic life, searching for alms inside India, jiffy he dreams of marrying Rifka; Abe also Mitzie acquire a walk on their 63rd marriage anniversary; Ben, a thief, endeavors to befriend a woman, Molly, on the different hand must contented along furthermore her boyfriend, Garry; A person behind aims to brown-nose a arousing woman on the different hand finds she is a hooker; A boy takes out a wheel-chair jump babe because his prom-date; Nanny Dante takes out Taya to the park; An actor desires to be a magnet for a figure of a arousing woman who operates inside a Chinese herbal store. Just many of the stories depicting people of New York like everything walks of life.

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