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Director : Chris Nickin

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Jordon Hodges as Oscar DeWauter , Rick Bobier as D.A. Stone , Sharron Nelson as Mary Molaere , Kirstie Munoz as June Pomeliere , Joel Paul Reisig as Attorney Milford Kaiser , John Tynan Jr. as Sheriff Aulrich , Rick Dawson as Deputy Van Ames , Sophie Bolen as Godlieva Molaere , Quinn Nehr as Benny other cast: , Joseph Smith as Lynch Mob Masked Member, Mandalynn Carlson as Bessie, Marcus Hill as Alfonse Molaere, Lynn Anderson as Gertrude Shaw, David Waldman as Vocal Torch-bearing Lynch Mob Member, Stephen C. Forsell as Posseman #5, Erika Hoveland as Mrs. Tucker, James Howard Carr as August Molaere, Brian Titus as Hotel Clerk, J.T. Vancollie as Natalie Dubreaux, Ashley Gray as Mrs. Kaiser, Andrew Zimmer as Bennie Molaere, Dave Kilgore as Judge #2, David Wilkie as Juror #3, Christine Marie as Anna Aulrich, Billy Whitehouse as Carl Boatzen, Dennis Doyle Jr. as Pallbearer, Gary Lee Simpson as Undertaker, Lon Tedder as Mark Parker, Alexander Davis as Ed Lipside, Bill Bundy as Auctioneer, Alexander Christopher Jones as Posseman #4, Brett Wheat as Deputy Wheet, Andre Flixx as Willie Brown, Wolfgang Diehr as George Case / Juror #10, Don Couture as John Klunke, Brian Moss as Jack Stromm, Jacob Purcell as Carriage Drive, Raymond Hill as Emery Molaere, Dorothy Govaere as Grandma Godlieva, Sam Perry as Newspaper Boy, Glenn Alverson as Assistant District Attorney, Bill Clark as Juror, Jeff Jozwiak as Horse and Buggy Driver, Scott Gray as Posseman #3, Levi Smith as Horse Rider, Daniel Patrick Hogan as Barber, Terry Wisner as Doctor Grandall, Sherman Hampton as Mr. Conrad / Juror #9, Jerry Nehr as Vern Jobsie, Mark Hachel as Mr. Groesbeck, Raymond Wayne as Emery Molaere, Dana R. Warth as Printing Press Operator, Jacob Hill as Achiel Molaere, Mark A. Hackel as Louis Groesbeck, William Simmons as Juror #2, Robert Gillie as Mob Man #2, Marty Letourneau as Judge Murthum, Robert A. Ficano as Harold Johnson, Justin DuBay as Juror #6, Dorothy Beaufait as Grandmother, Haylie Mears as Court Stenographer, Raymond Edward as Juror, Robert H. Denton as Juror #5, Jacob Anthony as Alphonse Molaere, Randall Perry as Bailiff / Sheriff Deputy, Hunter Allen as Andrew Molaere, Ben Mahaffie as Robber #3, Ray Govaere as Juror #7, Bob Govaere as Juror, Fern Misuraca as Mrs. DuBeaux, Jack Zimmer as Model-T Car Driver, Hunter Hill as Andrew Molaere, Robert St. Louis as Juror #11, Jamie VanScott as Juror, Kenneth R. Tuttle as Foreman / Juror #12, Marcus Grant as Achiel Molaere, Charly Davis as Pastor Kleifoth, William Misuraca as Robber #2, Gary Foster as Juror #4, L. Brooks Patterson as George Coon, Sander de Haan as Mr. DuBeaux, Andre Van Opdenbosch as Robber #1 , Kyle Daniels as Extra (uncredited), Jackson Ezinga as Inmate (uncredited), Mark Allan White as Extra (uncredited)

Plot : When a trendy sheriff is gunned gulp inside a trivial town in store Detroit, Michigan inside 1910, the local newspaper… See more » |

Plot Summary : When a accepted sheriff is gunned gulp inside a minute town impending Detroit, Michigan inside 1910, the local newspaper plus society are swift to condemn accused immigrants to continuation inside penitentiary sooner than the rehearsal still begins. A committed deputy attempts to protect the accused cherish an unfulfilled lynch mob spilt second two little newspaper reporters plus a rookie lawyer squad wide awake to battle as the immigrants' protection plus acquittal. Based on a specific story, view on zone inside Michigan.

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