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Director : Filip Tegstedt

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Patrik Andersson as Gotharen, Tintin Anderzon as Eva, Maria Bergsten as Ankan, Peter Boija as Peter, Jonathan Bonin as Mattsson – Police, Stella Edling as Linnéa, Kerstin Hansson as Läkaren, Thomas Hedengran as Krister, Dylan M. Johansson as Stiff, Sandra Larsson as Sandra, Helena Löwenmark as Maran, Gudrun Mickelsson as Birgitta, Tim Netzler as Olle, Linus Persson as Mange, Peter Stormare as Sven, Viktoria Sätter as Marianne, Saga Viljeståhl as Sandra – 10 years old

Plot : The continuation of Krister has turn into an constant nightmare, eternally because his wife's death. There gives the look to engagement no rest because this man… See more » |

Plot Summary : The subsistence of Krister has grow to be an continuing nightmare, constantly as his wife's death. There gives the look to engagement no relief because this man, plagued by the errors of his earlier period furthermore wedged prisoner by a vital each day existence. Not exclusively must he boost his newborn kid alone, he must additionally manage the feeling swings of his more matured female offspring Sandra, a recreant childhood harbouring deep animosity towards her father, blaming him because the comprehensive lot the ills that experience befallen the family. Faced in addition to such challenging circumstances, Krister is regularly bringing wide awake the rear his embrace on himself, which threatens the instructing occupation he exhibits a shrinking concern in. The psychological physical condition of this hurt mature person is deteriorating furthermore those as particulars to him experience raison d’être to engagement concerned. Especially because, because different span now, Krister has been suffering from middle of the night terrors, his fitful forty winks disturbed upon by a fiddly gentleman in addition to dismal intentions on him. He at the beginning believes these visions are a signal of important post-traumatic shock. Krister does, subsequent to all, experience a twosome of skeletons inside his closet that squash at his conscience. It slowly becomes clear that this nocturnal guest may well engagement supernatural. Whether or not any person believes it, he knows that a soul relishes folklore has sited a magic on him. And now, precise predicament will descend on Krister furthermore those on the brink of him.

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