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Director : Andrés Andreani

Release Date :

Genre : Mystery

Cast : (in credits order) , Ignacio Huang as Xin , Maruja Bustamante as Wanda , Hugo Men as Néstor , Lucas Lagré as Victor , Francisco Ortiz as César , Hernán Cuevas as Hugo , Joel Drut as Esteban , Dennis Smith as Ingrid , Andrés Rasdolsky as Mauro , Janet Barr as Fantasia , Martín Aletta as Béla Bartók , Mariela Centurion as Ana , Melisa Aumasque as Olga , Sophie Tirouflet as Justine , Celina Posse as Segura , Laura Raggio as Teresa , Bennett Gammon as Kevin , Monika Garavaglia as Quinta , Michael Taylor Jackson as Bennett , Natalia Jascalevich as Uma , Mario Rebecca as Guillermo , Vanina Saracino as Lucía , Estefania Veira as Daniela , Pablo Caracciolo as Roberto , Pedro Caracciolo as Pedro , Esteban Andrés Sebastiani as Giacomo Puccini , Andrés Andreani as Franco Alfano

Plot : The Third World War has infringed out. The Earth is discontinue any communication. Twenty-four citizenry are attending a whoop it up inside a place of dwelling to be found on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Plot Summary : The Third World War has flouted out. The Earth is stop any communication. Twenty-four kinsmen are attending a make merry inside a residence sited on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Everyone is hiding secrets, deepest tragedies as anyhow as has confidential goals. In a corner, there are the musical scores that finalize an uncompleted act like Béla Bartók, it could be the just modus operandi to except the world.

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