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Director : Matt Reeves

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Plot : A bullied little boy befriends a little lady vampire who lives inside secrecy and her guardian.

Plot Summary : In Los Alamos, New Mexico, the twelve year-old Owen is a alone furthermore outcast boy bullied inside section by Kenny furthermore two varied classroom mates; at home, Owen dreams on revenging the trio of bullies. He befriends his twelve-year-old subsequently entrance neighbor Abby that hardly looks for the duration of the nighttime inside the playground of their building. Meanwhile, Abby's father is a needed serial-killer that drains the blood of his those who are to procure Abby, who is truly an aged vampire. Abby hints Owen to reply to Kenny brawling back; however, earlier he discovers that she is a vampire furthermore he feels likelihood furthermore warmth since the girl. Meanwhile a regulate officer is enquiring the murder cases accepting with that it is a satanic cult.

Owen is 12 years-old, his parents are no longer in concert also he has no friends. He's similarly someone bullied at variety also lives a boring existence. Late only middle of the night he meets Abby, similarly 12, who has moved inside then door. She doesn't express a great deal of around herself also doesn't go off to school. Meanwhile, a secret agent is exploring a series of murders where mortals pass through been exhausted of their blood. Owen also Abby are forlorn souls who reckon peace of mind inside only an added also Abby bequeaths him the power to face expression his tormentors. Abby has secrets additionally that converge promptly on the monitor investigation.

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