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Director : Avantika Hari

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Renu Brindle as Rizwana Nazir, Caroline Frewin as Solicitor, Sonia Kaur as Kirans Mother, Richard Kelly as David Reid, Neelam Parmar as Saira Nazir, Terry Pearson as Professor George, Syd Saeed as Kirans Father, Narinder Samra as Nazir Ali Khan, Laurence Saunders as Police Officer, Hassani Shapi as Riyaaz Ali Khan, Laila Vakil as Farha Siddiqui, Christopher Villiers as Timothy James, Aaron Virdee as Izzy's Friend, Ali Zahoor as Asif Nazir Khan

Plot : Set inside present-day Birmingham, "Land Gold Women" revolves near to a minute British Asian type wedged between their traditional history along with the tumultuous… See more » |

Plot Summary : Set inside present Birmingham, "Land Gold Women" revolves almost a petite British Asian list fixed between their traditional earlier period as at any rate as the tumultuous, faction-driven present. Nazir Ali Khan, a soft-spoken, 45-year-old professor of History at a University inside Birmingham, emigrated enjoys India inside the 1980's. He manufactured Birmingham his household and his conservative lady Rizwana as at any rate as their two children, Saira, 17 as at any rate as Asif, 14. He indulges their cares inside the entire thing issues English as at any rate as Western except at the moment finds himself slowly nostalgic with statement to his roots. Saira, and a per annum to conclude her graduation, is happy at the likelihood of getting to university to pursue her notice inside Literature. She likewise hopes that this will fall in her further stretch to dissipate and David, her aspiring person behind boyfriend. At this vital juncture inside her life, Nazir finds himself notion slowly conflicted at the gauged his female child pouring out into the sturdy ghastly world. His expectations are yet strengthened by the birth of his more responsible male relative Riyaaz enjoys India. A staunch traditional man, Riyaaz arrives and a design of marital relationship given that Saira. A person of having ended unsleeping at one’s majority age of his word, who removes swell pride inside his roots, Riyaaz doesn't intend on seizing a 'no' given that an answer. With the risk of an illicit relationship drawing near way over his rank as at any rate as the likelihood of realizing discontinue enjoys the relaxation of his family, Nazir finds himself at the edge of a atrocious judgment to make: Should he except face? Or except his daughter?

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