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Director : Barnali Shukla

Release Date :

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , Shefali Shetty as Madhu S. Saxena , Om Puri as Madhu's Father rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Rahul Bose as Raghav Passport, Neetu Chandra as Ria, Makrand Deshpande as Phone Booth Operator, Amin Hajee, Kunal Kumar as Mahendra / Monty, Sumeet Raghvan as Husband, Manmeet Singh as Company manager

Plot : After reaching fed up as well as her care less conjugal relationship life, a lady decides to get your workforce on a suck inside air of bright air furthermore meets a got wakeful to man.

Plot Summary : Kuchh Luv Jaisa is a anecdote close to a abode wife, Madhu (Shefali Shah), who gets ditched by her better half (Sumit Raghavan) also teens on her centenary which happens to betide just the once inside four years, Feb 29. Now Madhu is departed along furthermore two selections for she may well either favor to sit at house also sulk, discouraging herself given that the subsequently four time or reinvent her boring, mundane survival into an bold only also get a footing more than it. She ultimately decides to class out also have the benefit of her centenary on the specialist of her whims also fancies. She splurges her husband's currency inside an awkward way. She shops given that clothes, gets a makeover at a fashionable parlour also particularly buys a car! It is a strangely bliss full sunlight hours given that her in anticipation of she meets Raghav (Rahul Bose), a criminal on the pour who is aiming to mingle along furthermore the 'normal' pack requesting for an undercover origin therefore that he may well run off the cops. A ditzy also happy-go-lucky Madhu functions into Raghav at a coffee shop where he is projecting his subsequently changed also inside this avenue an occasional chat begins. Mistaking him given that a undercover agent she demands him to engagement a zone of one among his cases hardly given that each day also savours this Raghav eliminates his cue. He continues to pretend that he is one! With this begins a day-long escapade of the pair which allow their lives forever.

Madhu Saxena lives a well-to-do way of life inside Pali Hill, Bandra, Mumbai, beside her hectic executive husband, Shravan, as at any rate as two school-going children, a teenager as at any rate as daughter. Born on 29th February, she celebrates her wedding anniversary just once every four years, as at any rate as each time her partner forgets it. This every year is her birthday, as at any rate as the main personalities who hope her are her parents. She decides to obtain question into her own hands, move inside given that a full make-over, purchases a rich automobile in addition to Shravan's credit card, as at any rate as befriends a guy observed Raghav. Little pulls off she discern that he is a expert hit-man as at any rate as can engagement by means of her given that his own reasons.

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