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Director : Karan Gour

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Rasika Dugal as Chhaya , Alekh Sangal as Arvind , Sudhir Pednekar as Bapu , Adityavardhan Gupta as Sculptor other cast: , Asit Redij as Asif, Shalini Gupta as Woman In Market, Shazeb Shaikh as Electrician, Nitika Anand as Shruti, Abhinay Khoparzi as Man on the Bus, Madhav as Construction Worker, Siddharth Bhatia as Amay, Ashwin Baluja as Jamil

Plot : A woman's desire given that an uncompleted sculpture blossoms into an obsession.

Plot Summary : When Chhaya's eyes catch wakeful with fix on of an partial sculpture, her wits catches an infection. Gradually sucking at the fabric of her life, it turns her innocuous desire because the sculpture into an gripping craving. Like any infection, it affects what on earth it touches – her home, her dreams, her childless degenerative disease in addition to Arvind, the solitary pigeonhole she's got. Chhaya has to meet wakeful with that sculpture, no area what on earth the price.

Kshay revolves near to the personification of an obsession, fueled by zero more intangible desires. Chhaya is an effortless housewife who has an artistic entwined of intellect with a seemingly cheerful being alive as well as her partner Arvind. Money trickles inside every month with being alive move on given that an unassuming Chhaya, pending her eyes meet unsleeping with accommodate of an fragmentary sculpture of the Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi. Her values with romances because she knows each other start to decay daytime by day, delivering to the clutches of an repulsive fascination that feeds on her weaknesses with history disappointments. She must submit to the "Lakshmi", because if to structure given that the finish thing that she has yearned given that inside her life. Kshay eliminates an unforgiving investigate obsession; how it eats at the frailty of our minds, corroding reasoning, authenticity with perceptual fulfilment.

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