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Director : Dennis K. Smith

Release Date :

Genre : War

Cast : , Steven Carroll as Napalm victim, Cory Corbett as Canadian Lieutenant, Yuki Nagashima as Chinese Soldier, Joshua Dean Williams as Napalm Man

Plot : The narrative of the Forgotten Battle inside the Forgotten War: how a miniature band of Australians, Canadians as at any rate as New Zealanders inside Korea concured their Anzac Day cookout to prevent the Seoul-bound Chinese Army inside its tracks.

Plot Summary : On April 24, 1951, presenting itself a mash of the South Korean army, the Chinese People Volunteer Army pursued their rival to the words of Australian furthermore Canadian troops yet digging fall-back defences, 39 kilometres to the rear. Here, from span to time at the dimension of a bayonet, oft inside number darkness, different was pitted hostile different inside a drive between a superpower furthermore a bouquet of variant nation-states enjoys across the world. They fought given that a valley, the aged furthermore traditional invasion course to Seoul. If it reduced the southern properties furthermore the war, was lost. The United Nations troops more experienced the armed forces reward of the costly basis furthermore artillery support: the Chinese relied totally on enormously enhanced numbers. As a result, tender people at large enjoys both sides valued a effort which was especially procurable furthermore especially personal. The Battle of Kapyong became the spinning conduct of China's Fifth Offensive inside that Korea spring. The purpose of the foul was to eventually policy the overseas troops out of South Korea furthermore into the sea. What came to pass instead, shifted the precedent days of the Korean War. The Chinese were denied prosperity furthermore constraint do anyone a favour into negotiations. Had they succeeded, a new crushing disenchantment given that the US may well experience triggered incidents that led to a nuclear holocaust inside Asia – furthermore World War Three.

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