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Director : Aparna Sen

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Konkona Sen Sharma as Young Mrinalini, Aparna Sen as Old Mrinalini, Rajat Kapoor as Siddhartha Sarkar, Priyanshu Chatterjee as Imtiaz Chowdhury, Suzanne Bernert as Julia Campbell, Locket Chatterjee as Maithili, Tritee Basu as Mrinalini's Daughter Sohini, Koushik Sen as Chintan Nair, Saheb Bhattacharjee as Abhijeet

Plot : Mrinalini, an aging actress, writes a suicide note. As a performer, the foremost message she gone through determine was timing… See more » |

Plot Summary : Mrinalini, an aging actress, writes a suicide note. As a performer, the primarily warning she undergone find out was timing – the excellent age given that creating a door or an entrance on stage. On the the podium of life, her manifestation undergone been outside her control; other than she wishes to decide on the age of her portal at least. However, ahead of seizing the spheroids that will deposit her to rest forever, she decides to exterminate the complete thing her memorabilia – letters, photographs, newspaper cuttings, knick-knacks touching on the earlier period – lest they draw nigh into the workforce of the press. She has been a victim of media hint the complete thing her living furthermore requests to engagement spared that at her death. As she gives the impression prepared the mature box that incorporates relics delight in her past, memoirs torrents the night. Incidents that she undergone forgotten or undergone shunned to the furthest corners of her sub-conscious at the present go again to haunt her and, prepared these memories, an finish living is bared – a living of savours engrossed furthermore gained, friendships furthermore betrayals, successes furthermore failures, twists of fate furthermore awards, agonies furthermore ecstasies. Mrinalini relives her past, because dead night little by little turns to dawn. An ajaan starts conscious somewhere. Slowly ahead of time morning time remove darkness from fills the room. The age has excel furthermore the passing away she undergone wished given that therefore intensely no longer appears a priority. Her German Shepherd comes furthermore rubs its style on its mistress's feet furthermore squeaks to engagement admit out. Mrinalini smiles, tears conscious the suicide commentary furthermore eliminates her doggy out given that a walk. A fresh daylight starts… one more living awaits her… one more starting off she has chosen.

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