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Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : (in credits order) , Lola Créton as Iris , Stanislas Merhar as Jean , Adele Haenel as Isabelle , Valérie Donzelli as Monika , Ferdinand Régent as Alexandre , Barthélémy Guillemard as L'ami confident , Antoine Chappey as L'homme du bar de nuit , Marilyne Canto as La mère d'Alexandre , Serge Renko as Le père d'Iris , Frédéric Pierrot as Le père d'Alexandre , Pascal Cervo as L'ami de passage , Michèle Moretti as La mère de Jean , Stéphane Bouquet as Le professeur , Gaëlle Obiégly as La convive , Thomas Clerc as Le convive , Christophe Wavelet as Le dandy , Françoise Cousin as La femme du bar , Katia Beaudufe as L'employée du train , Bertrand Schefer as Jérémie , Gilles Geenen as Gérald – le comédien , Elisa Hildebrandt as L'Allemande Alessa , Anthony Bertaud as Un lycéen , Adrien Charrier as Un lycéen , Jean Dalin as Un lycéen , Antonin Gerson as Un lycéen , Marie Ghiringhelli as Une lycéenne , Emilie Havard as Une lycéenne

Plot : Iris is 16 in addition to effecting her young existence inside a petty provincial town once she meets Jean, a 40 each year aged photographer relishes Paris… See more » |

Plot Summary : Iris is 16 plus winding up her teen existence inside a petite provincial town as she meets Jean, a 40 per annum older photographer loves Paris. Over the channel of their meetings, their relationship evolves to an amorous friendship that will spin their lives upside down.

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