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Director : Gary King

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Musical

Cast : , Joe Schermann as Joe Schermann , Christina Rose as Evey Lorraine , Mark DiConzo as Gunther , Debbie Williams as Summer Roberson , Daryl Ray Carliles as Danny Boy , Jenn Dees as Libby Vonderkill other cast: , Annalyn Frame as Party Guest, Logan Fry as Party Guest, Rosebud Baker as After Party Guest, David Ingber as Casting Associate, Laura L. Thomas as Vocal Student (as Laura Thomas Sonn), Theresa Fowler as Bernadette Garland, Amanda Marasch as Casting Assistant, Suzanne H. Smart as Casting Director, Ben Prayz as Auditioner, Gary Lee Mahmoud as Casting Associate (as Gary Mahmoud), Chris Harbur as Casting Assistant, Afton Quast as Cocktail Party Guest, Halley Cianfarini as Auditioner, Jason Winfield as Thaddeus, Tasha Straley as Auditioning Vocalist, Hannah Reimann as Auditioning Vocalist, Marissa Mutascio as Party Guest, Emily Borromeo as Auditioning Vocalist, Zachary Wobensmith as Voice student, Colleen Benedict as Cocktail Party Guest, Alex Rich as Gunther's Casting Assistant, Sabrina Lin as Princess Party Guest, Karen Braun as Cocktail Party Guest, Jamie Westberry as Casting Director, Mariel Matero as After Party Guest, Clay Nelms as Auditioning Vocalist, Leyla Aydag as Princess Party Guest, Suzanna Bornn as Auditioner, Kyle Langworthy as Audience Member, Eleah Burman as After Party Guest, Taryn Molnar as Dancer, Roger Mulligan as Auditioner, Amye Lewis as Auditioning Vocalist, Sophie Maerowitz as Off Broadway Cast, Jennifer Mulligan as Casting Associate, Whitney Madren as Casting Assistant, Sara Michalski as Difficult Auditioning Vocalist, Nick Russo as After Party Guest, David Henao as Piano Student, Nicole Parnell as After Party Guest, Catherine Cusick as Audience Member, Loukia Aydag as Princess Party Guest, Joe Reese Anderson as Voice Student, Jordan Mann as Casting Assistant, Ella Mingione as Princess Party Guest, Lindsey Personett as Dancer, Pete Giordano as Cocktail Party Guest, Kara Dahlberg as After Party Guest, Mikaela Levett as After Party Guest, Amy Van Deuse as Voice Student, Emily Petrain as Audience Member, Lindsay Williams as Audience Member, Nick Gelona as Casting Assistant, Jeremy Whistine as Auditioning Vocalist, Rachel Schur as Backstage Assistant, Kim Schafer as Dancer, Kate Mulberry as Piano Student, Stephanie Martinez as Cocktail Party Guest, Jacob Hoffman as Off Broadway Cast, Nia Spaulding as Princess Party Guest, Ashaki Ward as Auditioning Vocalist, Kristin Donnelly as Dancer, Matthew Duré as Audience Member, Lee Markham as Off Broadway Cast, Nate Begle as Casting Assistant in Hallway, Courtney Christison as Auditioner, Landen Jones as After Party Guest, Genevieve Thompson as After Party Guest, Mark Gardner as Auditioning Vocalist, Rebeca Diaz as Off Broadway Cast, Jenny Ploughman as Auditioner, Patrick Benedict as Auditioning Vocalist, Amy Bartlett as Auditioner, Holly Kay Benedict as Auditioner, Chelsea Sheets as Auditioner, Kristin Wetherington as Party Guest, Anna Erikson as Auditioning Vocalist, Sarah Behrens as Dancer, Lauren Kadel as Dancer

Plot : Joe in addition to his female friend Evey have a pipe dream of bumping it giant on Broadway. When Joe lands an opening to note down for the rationale that an Off-Broadway musical… See more » |

Plot Summary : Joe along with his lady friend Evey imagine of felling it gigantic on Broadway. When Joe lands a chance to author for the cause that an Off-Broadway musical, he is constraint to make either the warmth of his being alive or Summer, his freshly got wind muse. The events of come on the scene interest persuade Joe that penning is easy, existing is hard.

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