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Director : Susan Engel

Release Date :

Genre : Horror

Cast : , David Mingrino as Clancy The Clown , John Beasley as Detective Edwards , Susan Engel as Haunted Maze Coordinator , Charles Hoyes as Chief Harrison , Delaney Driscoll as Detective Cole , Victoria Blackburn as Haunted Maze Sassy Chic , Troy Daniel Smith as Officer Trent , Shane Staiger as Agent Hawk , Debbie Fortner as Officer O'Doyle , Malcom Garland as Officer Kauffman , Miranda Johnson as Haunted Maze Punk Chic , Cecilianna Arriola as Elizabeth , Danielle Leuschen as Maci , Emily Dornbusch as Paige Landers , Matthew Dillon as Jordan , Blase Petak as Hunter , Sheldon Geer as Ben , Lillianna Chavez as Alana , Tony Walde as Mr. Landers , Andrea Marzullo as Mrs. Landers , Natalie Fortner as Holly Landers , Dylan Rohde as School Teacher , Wes Clowers as Heron Bay Owner , Alex Alewel as Vampire , Angela Leuschen as Haunted Maze Worker , Wayne Sealy as Haunted Curator , Mike Nilson as Attorney Sawyer , Gavin Lane as Young Clancy other cast: , Matt Dillon as Jordan, Samantha Anderson as School Student, Mia Logan as Miley, Madelyn Knight as Zombie Dancer, Kamryn Duranski as Zombie Dancer, Miranda Leuschen as Freak Out Girl, Brenton Donaldson as Chainsaw Man, Matt Wood as Zombie, Zoelynne Engel as Batarina, Eileen Schwery as City Council Member, Connor Ketcham as School Student, Seth Engel as Trick or Treater, Madalyn Bowlby as Robin, Samantha Andersen as School Student, Madison Muir as Zombie Dancer, Monica Williams as Zombie Dancer, Emma Phillipson as School Student, Madison Machacek as School Student, Kadin Lane as School Student, Janelle Ish as Zombie Dancer, Olivia Gottsch as Zombie Dancer, Sarah A. Smith as Sexy Snake Villain, Will Zach as Zombie Dancer, Grant Riewer as Zombie Dancer, Emily Hill as Zombie Dancer, Carleigh Wilson as Zombie Dancer, Kevin Leslie as Zombie Dancer, Cassie Coltvet as Zombie Dancer, Jessy Batchelder as Zombie Dancer, Cora Johnson as School Student, Megan Schwery as Dani, Jackie Wax as Zombie Dancer, Kami Timm as Zombie Dancer, Tyler Headlle as Zombie Dancer, Mike Witkowski as Scarecrow, Samantha Bak as Zombie Dancer, Anna Kulig as Zombie Dancer, Alexis Ketcham as School Student, Trenton Aufenkamp as Zombie Dancer, Samantha Batchelder as Zombie Dancer, Chad Lee as Chad Lee Band, Sarah Johnson as Zombie Dancer, Dylan Crone as Zombie Dancer, Amanda Wellendorf as Zombie Dancer, Brook Grosse as Jizzle, Sarah Finley as Zombie Dancer, Jessica Dvorak as Zombie Dancer, James Fortner as Teddy, Brodey Johnson as School Student, Dillion Leuschen as Trevor, Treyce Machacek as School Student, Nicole Gottsch as Choreogrpher, Dwana Slone as Duvessa Winter, Jamie Anderson as School Student, Steve DeMeo as Scarecrow 2, Keith Schwery as Green Zombie, Torrie Hill as Zombie Dancer, Carly Childers as Zombie Dancer, Grace Johnson as Zombie Dancer

Plot : In Panama Iowa, the town holds their annual Halloween Festival. This each year an added attraction was more to the festivities… Clancy The Clown along with his on the move carnival. |

Plot Summary :

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