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Director : Jack Gattanella

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : , Thomas Wesson as Nicolas Hizney , Audrey Lorea as Ingrid Carowail , Dasha Kittredge as Jamie Gold , Zack Abramowitz as Glenn Jones , Alan Bendich as Mr. Carowail , Jon Caballero as Tom Mandy , Erica Camarano as Louisa , Tali Custer as Rannie Hizney , Nam Holtz as Machiko , Cyrenne Laljie as Gini , Jon Levy as Rabbi , Suzanne Lynch as Mrs. Gold , Matthew Rappaport as Laszlo , Kristy Richman as Belinda Maddalone , Adrian James Rosenaur as Jimmy Gold , Andrew Birchenough as Hal Carowail other cast: , Jack Gattanella as Pilates #7 / Chicken-Head / Funeral Attendee, Korey Hughes as Pilates #2 / Jacuzzi-Party Girl / Funeral Hugger, Alex Valderana as Dooley / Pilates #8, Joseph Gambino as Police Officer, Sara Douma as Jacuzzi Girl, Fiona Mifsud as House Party, Mike Dilorenzo as Pilates #5 / House Party, Matthew Catania as Dolorous Adventure Man, Kristin Allmer as Scandinavian Beach Comber, Mark Barragato as Guy hitting on Rannie, Kristin del Rosario as House Party, Brendon Hughes as Funeral Attendee, Linda Leigh Sheehan as House Party, John Castaldo as House Party, Sandy Berman as Funeral Attendee, Clarke Mayer as Giant Glasses Man, Joe Labate as House Party, Michael Hughes as Colin, Adam Hughes as Pilates #1, Carlos del Rosario as House Party Cat, Tovah Yucht as Funeral Attendee, Daryl Berman-Hughes as Funeral Attendee, Andrew Weigly as Pilates #3 / House Party Dancer, Kira Winfield as House Party, Kathy Brennan-Hughes as Funeral Attendee, Dee DeNure Hughes as Funeral Attendee, Lindsey Zelli as Pilates #4, Stephen Gattanella as Funeral Walker, Jerry Christal as Funeral Attendee

Plot : Nicolas, a photographer inside his 20's, vastly all at once loses his female friend to a motor vehicle suffered a calamity she was inserting in… See more » |

Plot Summary : Nicolas, a photographer inside his 20's, absolutely all of sudden loses his lady friend to a motor vehicle misfortune she was interjecting in. Still overcoming the loss, he gets rid of wide awake a unexpectedly in addition to impromptu responsibility as well as a missy he only just knows who is keen about ecstasy. Their relationship little by little comes apart at the seams ended sex, drugs, in addition to harping on precedent days mistakes.

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