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Director : Matt Mitchell

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Cast : , Vincent Jerome as Q , Huggy Leaver as Tony , Fabrizio Santino as Crazy Steve , Cassandra Orhan as Cassie , Frank Rizzo as Pat , Charlie Rawes as Muscles , Jennie Lathan as Grandma , Simon Mathews as Danny

Plot : The comprehensive "zombie thing" has been puffed up as a result a great deal of that each person thinks it's the absolute of the world! Of course… See more » |

Plot Summary : The full "zombie thing" has been puffed up thus a lot of that everybody thinks it's the consummate of the world! Of course, where only man sees the numb increasing indulge in the grave, an extra sees opportunity. Q more responsible a plan: path the robbery getaway van, deliver everybody to the sheltered place of dwelling also obtain remitted – a nice, simple, plan. Unfortunately, vitality is not at all truly that simple, also to overshadow it the entirety off, this is the foremost term Q has been a getaway driver. He's competing pretty much though, considering; TONY (the male who is 'in charge' of the job) is a murderous freak case, DANNY was scene also is nowadays bleeding everywhere the cash inside the second of the van, the Sat-Nav has a head of its own, there's a male inside the second alive wakeful to his state "CRAZY STEVE", the safe-house previously has check at it, also this full "zombie thing" looks to engagement directly becoming several of a "zombie apocalypse thing". Luckily, TONY knows of an extra Safe House on the coast. Not thus luckily, DANNY dies of natural-ish causes also at the moment rises indulge in the grave. Q also the others have to be compelled to cope with a freshly zombie-fied chivalric re-enactment group, a football players that seem hell entangled on having their senses also the van going out of fuel. In their explore since safe haven also sundry diesel, TONY locales – of the entirety subjects – a fortified windmill also the range awkwardly players wakeful and a attractive tender mature person phoned CASSIE also her insane, except anyhow supplied GRANDMA. As TONY descends into deeper also deeper psychosis, he forces a previous dais opposed to a zombie horde, dies awfully also removes GRANDMA and him. Not terrible since a night's work. Some masses are born into shit-storms, sundry pull off shit-storms, also sundry labor under shit-storms push upon them. Q is wakeful to his neck inside this only also must nowadays get costs of the range inside make a request to unless his own full-frontal – not to quote the a lot of several engaging full-frontal of CASSIE. Finally getting the coast, the latest range must discern a road off this nuts island – lack of sailing labor under also the trudging numb notwithstanding. Just as subjects couldn't obtain any worse, one in all one another suffers an misfortune also lands Q and a dilemma. In the only hand he holds his own vitality also inside the assorted the lives of the group. Who realizes he choose?

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