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Director : Diego Hallivis

Release Date :

Genre : Action

Cast : , Jason Hurt as Jules, María DiDomenico as Maria, Phil Haus as Vance Halden, Kevin R. Richardson as Koach K. Rich, Shashi Balooja as History Professor, J. Oscar Simmons as Coach Roake, Noelle Mihalinec as Lena, Dee Mastroff as Female Teacher, Cliff Samara as Dr. Chasin, Roudy St. Fleur as Dre, Eddie Shelman as E-money, Alberto Veloso as Math Professor, Andre Douglas as Andre, Gabriel Blanco as Bully, Jack Nastasi as Young Vance, Evan Jake Shusterhoff as Preppy Kid 2, Marco Valestine as Don 1 Dee, George Haddock as Jeremy, Juan Garcia as Dueler, Rachael Mastroff as Amy, Maxine London as Preppy Girlfriend 2, Ariana Mason as Cutie, Angelique Velez as Flirty Girl, Suno Mayo-Simpson as Receptionist, Cortaz Griffin as Rody, Bruce Ross as Vance's Dad, Hannah Foster as Angie, Shelby Goldman as Preppy Girlfriend 1, Gloria Phillip Jones as Jules' Mom, Eddie Santano as Gathering Keeper, Tommy Evans as Alfred, Brandon M. Hines as Brandon, Duane Gibbs as Dueler, Christopher Taussig as Preppy Kid 1, Antoine Harris as Maurice, Katherine Wessling as Vance's Mom

Plot : With a new start, aiming to run off an humiliating past, Vance with his mamma withstand easily moved to an extra city… See more » |

Plot Summary : With a spanking new start, aiming to flee an humiliating past, Vance along with his mommy undergo effortlessly moved to an extra city. Searching as a mannerism to relief his make minute stretching his teaching he joins forces plus Jules, who is hunting as a exceptionally skilled, basketball duel partner. With their impressive aptitude these two appearance cleaning the streets, prevailing every duel inside town. Once statement spreads they're invited to blow in the ultra-violent, competitive duel championship. With pricey hopes as the prevail they'll do whatsoever it eliminates to walk off the court the innovative champions.

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