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Director : Johan Nijenhuis

Release Date :

Genre : Family

Cast : , Marcel Hensema as Oom Rogier, Annet Malherbe as Minuul, Lorenso van Sligtenhorst as Tommie, Rachelle Verdel as Foeksia, Porgy Franssen as Kwark, Valerie Pos as Murmeltje, Valérie Pos as Murmeltje

Plot : Great adventures may hatch loves the smallest eggs. Fucsia needs to determine to do spell identical to her father… See more » |

Plot Summary : Great adventures would hatch like the smallest eggs. Fucsia wishes to determine to do anathema the image of her father, along with as a result is ecstatic because strike as she is admitted to set out to witches' school. There, Fucsia learns to product curl along with conjures in addition to the clouds. But her anathema frequently has spontanepous results, however, because she is from span to time that trivial jot exceedingly ambitious.

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