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Director : Spain Willingham

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Keith Compton as People Persons, Eric Holter as Idle Beekback, Rachael Kronzek as Kojo Smut, Chris Naasko as Mase Willbourough, Allie Kenny as Keke Hiplo, Lacey Houchen as Rebash Rosewar, Khary Moye as DP #2, Spain Willingham as Sherman Firecracker, Storm as Tarot God, Mike Tyau as Mookie Lin, Sean Garahan as Glen Glop, Aaron Simmons as Investor, Marc Bandy as DP #1, Kurt Weitzmann as Agent, Howard Stone as Len Landy, Aaron Simons as Investor

Plot : Los Angeles, California: People Persons, mega-movie star, is effecting elements plus his voltage Godlike attractiveness status… See more » |

Plot Summary : Los Angeles, California: People Persons, mega-movie star, is making elements in addition to his electricity Godlike attractiveness status. He apply on his older friend, Sherman Firecracker, to back him dig up come to someone’s rescue to his average them in addition to attempt to shed his immense ego. San Francisco, California: After stable show in addition to theatrical chapter failures (The Color Purple "On ICE" , The Killing Fields: Cirque du Soleil edition) Sherman Firecracker turns to his ally given that back on his most recent design – the some well known conscious in addition to appearing picture star, People Persons. They consider to variety an indie show joined without Hollywood trot out inside San Francisco, nonetheless as soon as the cameras surfacing rolling we catch a glimpse that People Persons is making a VERY firm long period of time relating the variance between actuality in addition to the show itself. As listing members surfacing to die, in addition to the show crew pop out to disappear, Sherman loses manipulate in addition to possibilities given that his life. The listing in addition to crew pop out to step by grow to be infected by People Person's ego in addition to fame…literally! Or is this competently the entirety allocation of the movie? Is this real, or competently allocation of the reel?

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