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Director : Paul Vorrasi

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Comedy, Music

Cast : (in credits order) , Andy Roberts as Axl , Tim Kirchler as Tim , Darrell Plumridge as Mick Fire , Ryan Dale as Pesty , Jess Thomas-Hall as The Drummer , Cameron Kiss as Cameron , Jonathan Mankuta as Major Labelo , Sophia Emberson-Bain as Melody , Michael Rodrigues as Ricardo , Liam Walsh as Dodgy , Stephen Parr as Young Pesty , Michael Underwood as Young Mick Fire rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Jacqueline Albrecht as Cocktail party guest, Daevid Allen as Angry punter, Sheree Andersen as Fight competitor, Janaye Armstrong as Pedestrian in park, Nadia Armstrong as Pedestrian in park, Nikita Armstrong as Pedestrian in park, Madeline Arnold as Long bar patron, Ian Assheton-Cooper as Cocktail party guest (as Earl Ian Assheton-Cooper), David Bajolek as Long bar patron, Megan Bayne as Pedestrian in park, Trent Becirevic as Long bar patron, Harrison Bell as Shepherd boy, Joel Beskin as Boat owner, Priya Bharat-Khanna as Pedestrian in park, Aran Bright as Fight competitor, Remi Broadway as Newsreader, Stephanie Brown as Bandit girl, Jessie Buckman as Pedestrian in park, John Caddell as Posh man at cocktail party, Adam Carey as Henchman, Chantal Carr as Concerned onlooker / Long Bar patron / Pedestrian in park, Tammy Carr as Old lady, Shane Carter as Party guest / Powerbox saboteur, Lauryn Cartwright as Long bar patron, Maurice Caruana as Cocktail party waiter, Maya Chandra as Pedestrian in park, John Cheesman as Cocktail party guest, Choco as The Mighty Goat God, Christopher Cobban as Fight competitor, Tracey Collins as Jelly wrestler, Jake Crowe as Pedestrian in park, Jordan Crowe as Pedestrian in park, Jo Crozier as Fight competitor / Masked thug, Kirsty Davis as Pedestrian in park, Chantal Denoux as Harmony, Jordan Doherty as Dancer, Guy Drory as Waving dude at gig, Karen Dunn as Party guest, Adam Fawns as TV interviewer, Elissa Finn as Pedestrian in park, Tenille Fletcher as Bandit girl, Daniel Frawley as Cocktail party waiter, Isolde Fry as Concerned onlooker / Long Bar patron, Nanaho Fujie as Dancer, Skye Garstang as Jelly wrestler, Carmen Gentile as Dancer, Bruce Gillman as Cocktail party guest, Gena Goddard as Cocktail party guest, Tara Grice as Woman eating cracker, Spencer Gurski as Pop singer, Keita Hada as Fight competitor, Edyn Hamilton as Pedestrian in park, Sharen Hamilton as Pedestrian in park, Tomas Hamilton as Masked thug, Kelsey Hannah as Pedestrian in park, Jason Hayden as Cocktail party guest, Brenda-Lee Heathcote as Cocktail party guest, Mark Hind as Masked thug, Laura Hockenhull as Pedestrian in park, Carole Hollindale as Pedestrian in park, Katy Holmes-Brown as Pedestrian in park, Tom Holmes-Brown as Pedestrian in park, Peter Hope as Cocktail party guest, Samantha Horrell as Long bar patron, Daniel Howard as Cocktail party guest, Barbara Hultgren as Pedestrian in park, Caitlin Hultgren as Pedestrian in park, Mitchell Hultgren as Pedestrian in park, Glen Hunt as Cocktail party guest, Ruby Hunter as Pop singer, Peter Huynh as Surprised waiter, Krystal Hyde as Angry punter, Anthony Jaeger as Homeless guy, Peter Jeremijenko as Fight competitor, Barbara Jones as Posh woman at cocktail party, Brett Jones as Fight referee, Zuzanna Kamusinski as Fight competitor, Gaynor Kemmett as Woman with shirt on face, Rita Kim as Cocktail party guest, Shalala Kiss as Mysterious stranger, Dean Kitching as Cocktail party guest, Jacob Kowalonek as Flustered henchman, Frances Kruger as Cocktail party guest, Rebecca Law as Cocktail party guest, Sonia Leaf-Milham as Cocktail party guest, Mandi Lodge as Lyrica, Shalini Loghem as Cocktail party waitress, Kate Lovell as Long bar patron, Louella Low as Cocktail party guest, Angelica Malicki as Pop singer, Zali Manley as Cocktail party guest, Palmer Marchese as Pop singer, Tunya Martinovic as Boat driver, Shelley Matters as Pedestrian in park, Rachel Matterson as Pedestrian in park, Shantelle Matthews as Cocktail party guest, Dannii McAnna as Hot babe / Long Bar Patron, Erin McCabe as Cocktail party guest, Glenn McLaren as Bartender, Nigel McMillan as Cocktail party guest, Michael Merz as Henchman, Christian Moellenbeck as Homeless guy, Roxanne Moodley as Cocktail party guest, Meachelle Morrison as Dancer / Pop Singer, Shonae Morrison as Pedestrian in park, Samuel Moss as Flatmate, Sara Moss as Party guest / Lotto caller, Michael Moyer as Cocktail party waiter, Kamantha Naidoo as Cocktail party guest, Paul Newman as Man drinking punch, Glenda Nicholls as Pedestrian in park, India Nicholls as Pedestrian in park, Laura Ogilvie as Pedestrian in park, Jade Ollerenshaw as Long bar patron, Shannon Papera as Fight competitor, Brigette Paroissien as Jelly wrestler, Harry Parr as Younger child at party, Oscar Parr as Child at party, Stephanie Pejkovic as Pedestrian in park, Talia Pejkovic as Pedestrian in park, Hannah Penman as Pedestrian in park, Stefanie Petrik as Angry punter, Narrelle Polson as Hot babe, Robert Purdie as Pest controller, Roxy Read as Pop singer, Nick Reid as Unconcerned onlooker / Masked thug, Celeste Reilly as Pop singer, Ian Rennie as Singing duo member, Clare Reynolds as Cocktail party guest, Sally Richards as Girl in boat / Cocktail party guest, Kaitlin Roberts as Birthday girl, Scott Robertson as Flatmate, Hayley Robinson as Pop singer, Tenille-Ebony Roots as Pedestrian in park, Greg Rose as Pop singer, Nina Ross as Pedestrian in park, Jennifer Rowlands as Cocktail party guest, Karen Russell as Cocktail party guest, Brieanna Sauer as Pedestrian in park, Cheyvonne Sauer as Pedestrian in park, Danielle Sbresni as Pedestrian in park, Grant See as Singing duo member, Emma Semmens as Pedestrian in park, Hannah Semmens as Pedestrian in park, Matt Skennerton as Cocktail party guest, Anna Skoczek as Pedestrian in park, Ebony Sparrow as Dancer (as Ebony Ranganui-Sparrow), Sharon Spiller as Cocktail party guest, Sabina Stelet as Dancer, Anna Straker as Pop singer, Tanya Stuber as Pedestrian in park, Pia Suffredini as Cocktail party guest, Bill Summers as Cocktail party guest, Sara Synnot as Dancer, Jeremy Tape as Guard, Melissa Taylor as Dancer, Antonio Testa as Dancer, Chris Testa as Masked thug, Johancee Theron as Fight competitor, Michael Thompson as Psycho freaky dude, Mitchell Torrens as Long bar patron, Pariss Trim as Cocktail party guest, Dean Vegas as Elvis impersonator, Rebecca-Jayne Virgen as Cocktail party guest, Paul Vorrasi as Guard, Michelle Waiwiri as Pop singer (as Michelle Taylor), Bronson Weatherall as Jogger, Meganne West as Pedestrian in park, Lendeert Westerhout as Hamkido master, David White as Gardener, Bayley Williams as Pedestrian in park, Isabelle Williams as Pedestrian in park, Melissa Williams as Pop singer, Suzy Williams as Pedestrian in park, Meaghan Winter as Cocktail party guest, Rikara Young as Pedestrian in park, Kristy Zagami as Pedestrian in park

Plot : Nineties rock legends Vivian's Hamster, evoking go different ways ten time ago not wide awake to harmful circumstances… See more » |

Plot Summary : Nineties rock legends Vivian's Hamster, creating get a divorce ten life ago not wakeful to terminal circumstances, realise that the duration has come about to reunite the band. No quicker do they set foot on the comeback trace than an evil data bureau CEO, Major Labelo, struggles to kill as at any rate as eradicate them, fearing that the arriving prosperity of Vivian's Hamster will jinx an full as the main labels.

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