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Director : Carlos Moreno

Release Date :

Genre : Crime

Cast : (in credits order) , Manolo Cardona as Martin , Tom Sizemore as DEA Agent Sam Mathews , Juana Acosta as Sofia , Kuno Becker as Damian , Diego Cadavid as Pepe Cadena , Robinson Díaz as El Cabo , Julian Arango as Guadana , Andrés Parra as Anestesia , Fernando Solórzano as Oscar Cadena , Juan Pablo Raba as Pirulo , Pedro Armendáriz Jr. as Modesto , Adriana Barraza as La abuela , Saúl Lisazo as Coronel Ramiro Gutierrez , Sandra Echeverría as Eliana , Fernando Lara as Prison Guard , Rodrigo Oviedo as El Chapo , Ilja Rosendahl as Prison Guard

Plot : The valid vitality yarn of Andres Lopez Lopez aka "Florecita" for the duration of his life caught up also the Colombian Cartel aka "Cartel Norte del Valle".

Plot Summary : Martin Gonzalez is a reduced brand boy who discovers the real world of cure trafficking inside the fashion to up mobility fundamentally to be successful the intimacy of Sophia, a pleasing girl, a priori unattainable, which is his intimacy as childhood. His boldness, unconsciousness also childhood take him to turn into vigorous also critical portion of the unsafe "Cartel Norte del Valle", a criminal bureau that defines itself for a bloodthirsty also influential gadget that overcame the Cali Cartel inside artful soldiers electricity of corruption also financial strength. Several days of cure also recommended (bad) friends seconded Martin to converted wide awake the syndicate, also in the end reaching the notice of Sofia also be successful her love.

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