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Director : Boris Rodriguez

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Cast : , Thure Lindhardt as Lars , Dylan Smith as Eddie , Georgina Reilly as Lesley , Alain Goulem as Harry , Stephen McHattie as Ronny other cast: , Jon McLaren, Alexis Maitland as Nancy, Paul Braunstein as Verner, Karl Claude as Fisherman, Corey Charron as Student

Plot : A once-famous painter rediscovers muse whilst he befriends a sleepwalking cannibal.

Plot Summary : Lars Olafssen, just once a immature big name inside the skill globe is slipping elsewhere quick into the abode of has-beens. His long-time skill dealer, Ronny, is at the moment an ungracefully aging hipster who desperately wishes his meal permit back. But Lars refuses to paint. His resourcefulness comes at excessively exorbitant a price – his muse is carnage – blood, bravery with limbs. Not surprisingly, this pilot to a atrocious breakdown inside the past. Nevertheless, an hoping Ronny arranges a instructing vocation given that Lars at an skill species inside Koda Lake, a minute Canadian town in the course of nowhere. It's a "therapeutic" number given that Lars – a route to conquer his ought to tart up inside the "safety" of a realm retreat… That is, awaiting Eddie comes into his life.

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