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Director : Ryan Miningham

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Teck Holmes as Reggie 'Angry Black Man' Cole, Thomas Mikal Ford as Mr. Johnson, Brely Evans as Kayla, Thea Vidale as Mrs. Windsor, Ralph Louis Harris as Mac, Simone Cook as Tasha, Sydelle Noel as Lynette, Lamar Stewart as Hustleman, Temple Poteat as Professor Jones, Natalie Bessler as lil Christie, Charles Belk as Dorm Director Mr. Craig, Chelsea Rae Bernier as Becky, Catfish Jean as Kwazi, Christina Ford as Nikki, Ron G. as Jermaine, Wanita 'D. Woods' Woodgett as Charisse, Melissa Marino as Joanne, Logan Alexander as Mr. Dwayne, Adaya Jaye as Melissa, Jamal Doman as Blaine, Wiley B. Oscar as Bobby, Michael Marcel as Sean, Drew O'Connell as Kyle, Melanie Mosley as McKaila 'Big Mike' Jones, Hari Williams as Aaron Johnson, Jr, Ramone Ellis as Gay David, Mara Hall as Lisa, Jevin Smith as DJ Jev, Ashford J. Thomas as Darryl 'Ladykiller' Miller, Diana Bessler as Kindergarden Teacher, Michael Moss as Greg, Holmes Lindsay IV as Shooter, Luis Villafranca as Rafael, Darious Porter as Javon, Jonnae Thompson as Nicole, Lace Williams as Kelly, Michael Eiden as Mr. Wilson, Saundra Charleston as Ms. Perkins, Miles Roman as Lil Aaron, Peter Phan as Pe-ta

Plot : When a straitlaced, affair key lands up rooming and a self-described opposite sex grown person inside the more noisy freshman dorm on campus, along with hovering out and a distant exchange student along with a militant Latino, he has no instruction what on earth he is inside for.

Plot Summary : College vitality is presupposed to troth with statement to determining yourself along with different experiences. But since Aaron Johnson, a squeamish problem major, his freshman once a year at the premier HBCU inside the nation-state is somewhat different. For Aaron, it's the total thing with statement to breathing wide awake to his father's legacy by welding the listings of the respectable Overture Scholastic Society along with keeping his passionate spouse happy. All that adjust following a middle of the night of drunken revelry trees Aaron along with his friends heavily indebted to his dorm's sinister Resident Advisor, along with the simply course of action to start up on outshine is to toss the enjoy oneself of the year. Now the timepiece is ticking along with and each person wanting something assorted indulge in Aaron, he is compelled to sample anything he in actuality wants. After appointment an exciting, different girl, it may possibly troth the end obsession still imagined. His do any individual a service is critical the fence along with his eventuating is on the line, he'll ought to hazard it the total thing if he requests to start up on outshine at Douglass U.

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