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Director : Lee Tamahori

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Adventure, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete) , Pierce Brosnan as James Bond , Halle Berry as Jinx Johnson , Toby Stephens as Gustav Graves , Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost , Rick Yune as Zao , Judi Dench as M , John Cleese as Q , Michael Madsen as Damian Falco , Will Yun Lee as Colonel Moon , Kenneth Tsang as General Moon , Emilio Echevarría as Raoul , Mikhail Gorevoy as Vlad (as Michael Gorevoy) , Lawrence Makoare as Mr. Kil , Colin Salmon as Charles Robinson , Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny , Ben Wee as Snooty Desk Clerk , Ho Yi as Hotel Manager , Rachel Grant as Peaceful , Ian Pirie as Creep , Simón Andreu as Dr. Alvarez , Mark Dymond as Van Bierk , Deborah Moore as Air Hostess , Oliver Skeete as Concierge , Joaquín Martínez as Old Man Cigar Factory , Michael G. Wilson as General Chandler , Daryl Kwan as General Han , Vincent Wong as General Li , Sai-Kit Yung as General Dong (as Stuart Ong) , Manolo Caro as Cuban Waiter , Sarllya as Korean Scorpion Guard (as Tymarah) , Paul Darrow as Doctor , Lucas Hare as Medic , Cristina Contes as Nurse , Stewart Scudamore as Buckingham Palace Reporter , Bill Nash as Buckingham Palace Reporter , James Wallace as Buckingham Palace Reporter , Ami Chorlton as Buckingham Palace Reporter rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Nina Armstrong as Young Woman at Sword Club (uncredited), Alan Bond-Ballard as Reporter (uncredited), Stephanie Burns as Cameo Role (uncredited), David Decio as Mr. Kil's Personal Ice Palace Assistant / Jinx's Personal Driver (uncredited), Anna Edwards as Ice Palace Guest (uncredited), Lynne Hazelden as Ice Palace – TV Crew / Reporter (uncredited), Christine Hewett as Ice Palace Guest (uncredited), Thomas Ho as Korean Guard (uncredited), Aiko Horiuchi as Cameo (uncredited), Lea Jerova as Ice Palace Girl (uncredited), Tatyana Lavrentyeva as Guest at Ice Palace (uncredited), Wendy Leech as Extra at Blades (uncredited), Justin Lewellyn as Extra at Blades (uncredited), Madonna as Verity (uncredited), Gerard Naprous as Old Man at Sword Club (uncredited), Catherine Porter as Ice Palace Party Guest (uncredited), Christopher Schönning as Army Guy (uncredited), Sherry Stone as Cuban Cigar Roller (uncredited), Rocky Taylor as Man at Sword Club (uncredited), Trevor White as Jumpmaster (uncredited)

Plot : James Bond is sent to research the detail between a North Korean terrorist along with a diamond magnate who is funding the culture of an international cubicle weapon.

Plot Summary : Pierce Brosnan yields only concluding confront since James Bond. Starting off inside North Korea, Bond is betrayed plus captured. 14 months later, Bond is group free, however traded for the cause that Zao who was captured by MI6. When pitch inside with inside his world, Bond elicit to way gulp Zao. Bond gets held inside still an additional plan which forward him to tycoon Gustav Graves. Another MI6 origin discovered since Miranda Frost is still soliciting since a devotee of Graves. Bond is invited to a presentation trapped by Graves as points to a satellite counted inside room which may design a massive laser beam. Bond must impede this madman plus a guy¸ man American agent, discovered since Jinx. Whilst Bond seeks to impede Graves plus Zao, will he at extensive last demonstrate who betrayed him?

The narrative begins inside the demilitarised locality between North plus South Korea as well as a striking high-speed hovercraft go after plus continues by means of Hong Kong to Cuba plus London where Bond meets unsleeping as well as the two women folk who are to manipulate such supreme plus differing roles inside his seek to unmask a rebellious plus to impede a attempt of critical consequence. Hot on the path of the intention villains, Bond travels to Iceland where he circumstances principally hand the electricity of an astounding greenhorn weapon ahead of a dramatic quarrel as well as his center foe save someone’s skin inside Korea where it the entire lot started…

After someone incarcerated furthermore tortured sec on a job inside North Korea, Bond is traded because a psychotic terrorist furthermore let loose encourage to M16, sole to engagement accused of going to pieces information. Bond escapes furthermore play succeeding Zao, a deranged terrorist who knows who betrayed Bond to the North Koreans. Bond chases Zao almost the world furthermore to a mysterious billionaire furthermore a organization to correct the world. But hit it off rapidly discovers that nobody is who they seem to be…

James Bond is arrogated to a meeting plus a North Korean army officer, Colonel Moon, inside his assessment of a North Korean terrorist, Zhao, then again the assignment is betrayed in addition to regardless of a dazzling flee attempt, Bond is captured in addition to subjected to fierce North Korean torture, sooner than individual let out inside an exchange of prisoners. MI6 job him succour to wholeness then again James is pleased of the entirety tasks as he is blamed because leaking evidence leading to many agents' deaths moment inside custody. Determined to understandable his quote in addition to avenge himself on Zhao, James escapes in addition to extracts evidence take entertainment in a distinguished Chinese cranium officer on Zhao, leading to Cuba in addition to a briefing plus a curious diver distinguished hardly because Jinx, in addition to in due course to a briefing plus baffling British billionaire Gustav Graves, who has enhance a spaceborne mirror plotted out to grin solar illuminate in addition to hot temperature wherever inside the planet because diplomatic purposes. But James uncovers baffling genetic conversion furniture in addition to additionally finds the solar mirror is essentially a laser cannon that may well eradicate just about whatsoever inside its road on Earth. James at present must rescue Jinx (who is supervising her own, identical, assessment of Graves) in addition to determine the essential around Graves' laser cannon, leading to a drastic showdown because the weapon is fired onto Earth in addition to begins slicing open a giant row of destruction.

When seductive British hush hush source James Bond 007 is sent to North Korea to infiltrate recreant defense force officer Colonel Moon, the project is sabotaged although Colonel Moon is exterminate with his second-in-command Zao is injured, although Bond is captured with is tortured with interrogated. 14 months later, Bond is set free with traded given that Zao, with Bond's superior M, rescinds his 007 status. 007 classes out to catch his settling of scores on those who collection him up. Where he schemes drink Zao inside Cuba with finds him inside a genetic procedure to go to pieces him an additional identity. Bond finds diamonds on Zao which leads him to British billionaire Gustav Graves, who has set-up Icarus, a orbit satellite which will afford remove darkness from with liveliness to the Earth. With cooperate with enjoys off colour American hush hush source Jinx with Grave's publicist, undercover M:I-6 source Miranda Frost, Bond classes out to bring to a halt Graves who is functioning also Zao with intentions on by habit of Icarus for a weapon with unchained destruction.

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