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Director : Noel Tan

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , DJ Perry as Ken Tyler , Anne Gauthier as Susan Reyes , Issa Litton as Michelle Espino , Nic Campos as Steven Espino , Jill Palencia as Chelsea Reyes , Justin Hoong-Fai Chan as Jeffrey Espino , Zeny Sevilla as Reina Espino , Kevin Vitug as Ricky Santos , Elle Velasco as Carol Santos , Marife Necesito as Agira Espino , Jonas Gruet as Danny Valencia , Allan Dale Alojipan as David Espino , Raymond Osmeña as Alan Espino , James Lomahan as Garry Santos , Czarina Llane Kwong as Annie Espino , Clark Gamul as Jason Espino , Russ Williams as Robert Lane , Joel Mendez as Film Reporter , Shierdan Pamintuan as Andy Cuevas , Alexandra Marie Tan as Young Susan , Crisanto Garrido as Paramedic , Christian Tan as Justin Espino , Chris Joshua Tan as Michael Espino , Giann Paula Martizano as Young Chelsea , Stefano Rota as Andre Devereaux , Angelita Loresco as Virginia Dasig , Trixie Dauz as Corrine Devereaux

Plot : A style gathers since a contented reunion in addition to matrimony briefing on Christmas Day at a seasonal mansion inside the Philippine mountains just to come across a row of bizarre, demonic, in addition to harmful events.

Plot Summary : "Darkest Night" has its roots inside terror fashions along with moods savours countless eastern along with western traditions. Filmed inside a "found flick along with documentary" style, "Darkest Night" depicts a school day of observance reunion at an irregular conjugal inside the Sagada Mountains. The family's joyful celebration is shattered by bizarre, magical along with terminal terrors nobody might explain. This picture is a perceptual terror account in addition to passionate ilk drama, suspense, conduct along with shock.

The show is flaunted to because a part-documentary by a TV announcer, Danny Valencia, delight in "found videotape" he recognized at the webpage of a 2003 disaster inside the Philippine Sagada Mountains. There are a partners of question scenes at the beginning, other than more of the show is the bedrock story. On December 25, 2003, a chic Filipino make gathers at an overseas district inside the mountains, diverse way downstream delight in any town, as a Christmas Day reunion dinner. Their anniversary is disrupted by a set of programmes opera of bizarre, supernatural, furthermore catastrophic events. The array is bring to an end delight in culture furthermore plunged into gloom by forces that challenge whole laws furthermore put off slurp the entirety fresh technology. One by one, the make members pass away or disappear inside more unusual furthermore atrocious ways. The few who are left, plus the bedrock modus vivendi Susan, effort as being alive furthermore hostile make conflicts, to establish whatsoever is future to each other furthermore how to survive. Finally they find out to their own shock, who their correct tormentor is, plus how furthermore why these inexcusable stuffs are happening. Is it overly overdue to hold the leisure of each other delight in dying? Is the lot that awaits each other yet harmful than loss or hell? Does a mystical essay they consider accommodate the foremost to controlling the mysterious forces that threaten to set free ghosts furthermore demons of an evil past? And finally, may they consider each other, or yet them to accommodate the prospects that threaten to eradicate them? Suspense furthermore riddle hold you unsettled furthermore guessing until the extremely end, as soon as the lot furthermore end product of the entirety is at last revealed.

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