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Director : Rob Marshall

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama, Musical

Cast : (in credits order) (complete, awaiting verification) , Taye Diggs as Bandleader , Renée Zellweger as Roxie Hart , Cliff Saunders as Stage Manager , Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly , Richard Gere as Billy Flynn , Queen Latifah as Matron Mama Morton , John C. Reilly as Amos Hart , Dominic West as Fred Casely , Christine Baranski as Mary Sunshine , Jayne Eastwood as Mrs. Borusewicz , Bruce Beaton as Police Photographer , Roman Podhora as Sergeant Fogarty , Colm Feore as Harrison , Robert Smith as Newspaper Photographer (as Rob Smith) , Sean Wayne Doyle as Reporter , Steve Behal as Prison Clerk , Robbie Rox as Prison Guard , Chita Rivera as Nickie , Susan Misner as Liz , Denise Faye as Annie , Deidre Goodwin as June , Ekaterina Chtchelkanova as Hunyak , Mya as Mona (as Mýa Harrison) , Joey Pizzi as Bernie / Male Ensemble , Scott Wise as Ezekial Young / Male Dancer , Ken Ard as Wilbur / Male Dancer , Marc Calamia as Hunyak's Husband / Male Dancer , Niki Wray as Veronica , Gregory Mitchell as Charlie / Male Dancer (as Greg Mitchell) , Sebastian La Cause as Al Lipschitz / Male Dancer (as Sebastian LaCause) , Brendan Wall as Billy's Assistant , Cleve Asbury as 'Gun' Reporter #1 / Hospital Reporter / Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Rick Negron as 'Gun' Reporter #2 / Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Shaun Amyot as 'Gun' Reporter #3 / Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Eve Crawford as Billy's Secretary , Bill Corsair as Newsreel Announcer (voice) , Bill Britt as Auctioneer , Gerry Fiorini as Sailor , Elizabeth Law as Perfume Lady , Lucy Liu as Kitty Baxter , Joseph Scoren as Harry , Monique Ganderton as Bare Woman #1 , April Morgan as Bare Woman #2 , Marty Moreau as Groin Reporter (as Martin Moreau) , Conrad Dunn as Doctor , Jonathan Whittaker as Bailiff , Rod Campbell as Jury Foreman , Brett Caruso as Harrison's Assistant , Sean McCann as Judge , Jeff Clarke as Court Clerk , Patrick Salvagna as Newsboy , Kathryn Zenna as Woman Shooter , Jeff Pustil as Club Owner , Roxane Barlow as Female Dancer / Female Ensemble , Jocelyn Dowling as Female Dancer / Female Ensemble (as Joey Dowling/Jocelyn Dowling) , Melanie A. Gage as Female Dancer / Female Ensemble (as Melanie Gage) , Michelle Johnston as Female Dancer , Charley King as Female Dancer / Female Ensemble , Mary Ann Lamb as Female Dancer / Female Ensemble , Vicky Lambert as Female Dancer / Female Ensemble , Tara Nicole Hughes as Female Dancer / Female Ensemble (as Tara Nicole) , Cynthia Onrubia as Female Dancer / Female Ensemble , Karine Plantadit-Bageot as Female Dancer , Jennifer Savelli as Female Dancer , Natalie Willes as Female Dancer , Karen Andrew as Female Dancer , Kelsey Chace as Female Dancer , Catherine Chiarelli as Female Dancer , Theresa Coombe as Female Dancer , Lisa Ferguson as Female Dancer , Melissa Flerangile as Female Dancer , Michelle Galati as Female Dancer , Sheri Godfrey as Female Dancer , Brittany Gray as Female Dancer , Karen Holness as Female Dancer , Amber-Kelly Mackereth as Female Dancer , Jody-Lynn McFadden as Female Dancer (as Jodi-Lynn McFadden) , Faye Rauw as Female Dancer , Rhonda Roberts as Female Dancer , Leigh Torlage as Female Dancer , Robyn Wong as Female Dancer , Ted Banfalvi as Male Dancer , Harrison Beal as Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Paul Becker as Male Dancer , Jean-Luc Côté as Male Dancer (as Jean-Luke Coté) , Scott Fowler as Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Edgar Godineaux as Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Bill Hartung as Male Dancer / Male Ensemble (as Billy Hartung) , Darren Lee as Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Troy Liddell as Male Dancer , Blake McGrath as Male Dancer , Robert Montano as Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Sean Palmer as Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Desmond Richardson as Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Martin Samuel as Male Dancer , Jason Sermonia as Male Dancer , Jeff Siebert as Male Dancer / Male Ensemble , Sergio Trujillo as Male Dancer , Stacy Clark Baisley as Acrobat , Megan Fehlberg as Acrobat , Rachel Jacobs as Acrobat , Rebecca Leonard as Acrobat , Erin Michie as Acrobat , Danielle Rueda-Watts as Acrobat , Dana Calitri as Female Ensemble , Kate Coffman-Lloyd as Female Ensemble , Laura Dean as Female Ensemble , Margaret Dorn as Female Ensemble , Capathia Jenkins as Female Ensemble , Audrey Martells as Female Ensemble , Sara Ramirez as Female Ensemble , Nicki Richards as Female Ensemble (as Nicky Richards) , Dennis Collins as Male Ensemble , Darius de Haas as Male Ensemble (as Darius De Haas) , Willie Falk as Male Ensemble , Curtis King Jr. as Male Ensemble , Timothy Shew as Male Ensemble , Fronzi Thornton as Male Ensemble (as Fonzie Thornton) , Eric Troyer as Male Ensemble rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Earl Barnsley as Earl

Plot : Murderesses Velma Kelly (a chanteuse also kid who wiped out her better half also aunt following obtaining one another inside bed together) also Roxie Hart (who wiped out her boyfriend while she noted he wasn't progressing to brand her a star) adjudge one another on loss spat as one also bawl given that the reputation that will carry one another loves the gallows inside 1920s Chicago.

Plot Summary : Murderesses Velma Kelly (a chanteuse with kid who slayed her better half with female family member behind locating one another inside bed together) with Roxie Hart (who slayed her boyfriend whilst she observed he wasn't aiming to variety her a star) judge each other on decease dispute as one with oppose given that the recognition that will carry one another bask in the gallows inside 1920s Chicago.

Fame ravenous Roxie Hart dreams of a vitality on the Vaudville stage, in addition to spends her dead nights jazzing it wakeful inside the superb lights of Chicago, incessantly trusting that she'll weigh up her blessed break, in addition to engagement scene into 1920's stardom, as a result able to escape her dull spouse Amos. In fright of seductive union singer Velma Kelly (who is subsequantly arrested for the raison d’être that the murder of her spouse in addition to sis – subsequent to obtaining their affair), Roxie meets Fred Cassely a grown person who convinces her he may possibly 'make her showbiz occupation acquire off'. However subsequent to Roxie has felt the 'casting couch' treatment, in addition to Fred has more experienced his wicked routine along furthermore her, he reveals that he has no other aspects inside showbusiness than she does. This is the end straw for the raison d’être that Roxie, in addition to her incessant rage at rejection explodes. She shoots Fred Cassely in addition to kills him. Upon obtaining her infidelity, Roxie's spouse Amos refuses to acquire the blame for the raison d’être that the murder in addition to Roxie is sent to jail, in anticipation of hanging. In penal complex she eventually meets tabloid prized Velma Kelly, these days attaining full-size media briefing for the raison d’être that the dual murder she devoted in advance inside the tale. Sharing the clink along furthermore Velma, are an hodgepodge of assorted sly females, everything looking ahead to practice for the raison d’être that the murders of their own partners. Velma is aloof to Roxie, but the reformatory Warden Mrs Morton throws up Roxie the chance of figure by silver-tongued Chicago lawyer Billy Flynn. Billy is other a showbiz P. R cause than a legal lawyer in addition to minipulates the tabloids into speculating Roxie is no over an risk free 'good duration girl' who carried the mistaken path, than a scheming murderess. The tabloids set off wild for the raison d’être that the innovative gal on the shelter block, in addition to Roxie eventually becomes a star. However owing to Roxie's innovative interpreted fame, Velma is forgotten about. She is required to advent Roxie along furthermore an provide of a neighbourhood inside her Vaudville behavior (filling the voice vanished by her assassinated sister), nonetheless Roxie turns drink her provide flat, speculating she calls for no treatment inside putting in the shade the bill. However, cleanly since Velma's big name fell, as a result pulls off Roxie's, while Go-to-hell Kitty arrives at the penal complex on a multiple murder charge, the twist put out of your mind Roxie in addition to at the moment she in addition to Velma are inside the equal boat. With one and only other trick wakeful her sleave Roxie manages to transfer the media briefing support onto her, in addition to her daylight hours inside court arrives. Billy is at the moment equipped to mess around the vital showman!

Velma Kelly is the naughty vaudeville superstar who murders her partner furthermore aunt following locating each other inside bed together. Roxie is the wannabe vaudeville superstar who kills her lady friend following searching for he was certainly not reaching to style her famous. Enter Billy Flynn, the slippery lawyer whose objective is not hardly to experience his consumers acquitted, except to style each other legal legends. Billy, who it seems that likes Roxie's spot (He verified to exterminate me) more proficient than Velma's (I blacked out furthermore can't keep in mind a thing). With get anyone out of a tight spot enjoys Matron Mama Morton both grown persons vie given that the area for Illinois's more famed murderess, except there's hardly chamber given that lone legend… "That's Chicago".

Roxie Hart is a wedded chorus damsel also hopes of human being a headliner inside Vaudeville. Velma Kelly is a prior headliner. What do these two taste inside common? They both are murderesses. Roxie exterminate her spouse once he wandered out on her, as at any rate as Velma exterminate her partner as at any rate as sister, who were motivating an affair. Chicago's newspapers fondness the nitty-gritty as at any rate as Velma is at the outstrip of the headlines. But subsequently Roxie comes along as at any rate as Velma is old-time news. They weigh up self dealing as not exclusively the press' attention, nevertheless furthermore the put attentiveness of their joint lawyer, the fluid Billy Flynn. Add to the group a howls sister, Roxie's hapless partner Amos, as at any rate as a humid detention center matron who watches out as her girls (if there's something inside it as her), as at any rate as you taste Chicago.

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